Advice On How To Properly Take Care Of Your Dog

Advice On How To Properly Take Care Of Your Dog

Taking care of your dog isn’t as simple as providing them food and water. Just like us, humans, they also have basic needs. And as their “hoomans”, it is our duty to provide them with that, so they will live happier, healthier, and longer. So, how should one properly take care of their dog? Here are some pieces of advice.

Advice On How To Properly Take Care Of Your Dog

Feed A Quality Diet

Probably one of the biggest mistakes that most dog owners (and other pet owners too) make is how they feed their fur babies. Often, they think that food from the table or the cheapest dog food is enough to feed them. True enough, they can make your dog full. However, they don’t usually have the right nutrients that they need.

Thus, make sure that you feed them only the best food that suits their nutritional needs. And more importantly, feed them the right amount that they need. This will prevent obesity.

Provide Fresh Water

Hydration plays a vital role in our health and so is in animals. So, always keep an eye on their water bowl if it’s clean and is full too.

Consider Which Dog Bed To Get

Truth be told, with all those dog beds in different shapes, sizes, and designs, most of us just usually pick which one’s the cutest and would fit our dogs. But, apparently, these dog beds come in various shapes and sizes because they’re made for different dogs’ needs.

Dog bed designs aren’t just for aesthetics but they’re functional too. Dogs that are starting to grow older and need relief from aches and pains, especially in their joints, would see more benefit from memory foam dog beds, while orthopedic dog beds, on the other hand, are for dogs with muscle or hip problems. Heated dog beds are for keeping your dog warm; and so on.

It’s important to know which one suits not just your dog’s size and preference but also their health needs. Because just like us, they also need a bed to sleep comfortably too.

Have them Vaccinated

Aside from the fact that dog hospitalization doesn’t come cheap, as fur parents, of course, we can’t afford to lose our dogs to diseases that can be prevented. Especially these days, canine viruses and diseases are also rampant. And they could cost them their lives.

If you want to ensure that they’re protected and to lower their risks, it is vital to fully vaccinate your dog and keep the vaccines up to date. If you’re not sure if your dog is fully vaccinated or when the next shot should be administered, consult your vet.

Dog At Vet


Like humans, exercise is also important for our dogs. This will keep them in shape and prevent obesity. Needless to say, this will also keep diseases such as heart problems at bay.

Exercise is also good for their mental health. With this, they’re able to relieve stress and anxiety as it helps them produce happy hormones too.

Additionally, this will keep them busy. This way, they will not chomp on your shoes, slippers, or any pieces of furniture in your home.

Establish Connection

Remember, dogs can’t talk. But, they are social creatures who need to interact with their owners, especially when they need something, such as food, water, or attention, to name a few.

There’s undeniably no way we can understand them with the way we communicate with other people. But, if we establish a connection with them, we’ll be able to understand the needs that they might have. This will also help you recognize any early signs of illness. Plus, it can help you prevent unpleasant behavioral patterns as they start.

Train Dog


Commands such as sit, eat, stand up, crawl, and the likes aren’t for entertainment. Yes, they make us happy when they learn tricks but training them with simple commands will also keep them safe.

If you train your dog, they will know what not to do. If they’re attempting to eat poop or toxic food, for instance, you can keep them safe by making them follow your command not to eat it. If a situation comes when they need to run for their life or call for help, their training will be helpful too.

Another good thing about it is that they will be more disciplined. Plus, they’ll be healthier as training them even with simple commands will help them move around and exercise their body.

Control Reproduction

Puppies, like babies, bring more joy to the house. However, as they say, too much of anything is bad. If your dog frequently gives birth to numerous puppies it could also affect your dog’s health and cause complications. So, before that happens, have your dogs spayed or neutered.

Doing so will also reduce inappropriate behaviours. Plus, it will promote better health.

Keep them Well-Groomed

Grooming is yet another important way to take care of your dog. Aside from the fact that this makes them smell good and keep their coat in good condition, this also helps with keeping ticks at bay. This will also ensure that their nails are properly trimmed to help them walk comfortably, especially elderly dogs.

Don’t forget to brush their teeth too. Dental issues aren’t only painful. They can also cause diseases. That said, make sure that you brush their teeth too. However, only use toothpaste that is made for dogs as human toothpaste contains xylitol, an ingredient that’s toxic to dogs.

Consult Your Vet

Sometimes, what we know and what the internet knows aren’t always enough to help us understand our dog’s needs and their health. Some answers are hard to find online too. If you’re unsure about what to do or you need help with your dog’s health, consult with your vet. With their expertise, you’re guaranteed that your dog’s health is in good hands.

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