Can Your Dog Win The 2015 Nose of Tralee?


Can your dog win the 2015 Nose of Tralee?

Make that a resounding YES!

Your dog can win the 2015 Nose of Tralee with a little help from you and your family and friends:

Can Your Dog Win The 2015 Nose of

Take a memorable photo of your dog.

Set up a casual photo shoot with you and your dog and be prepared to captivate the Nose of Tralee’s judges with your best shot. Use props. Primp your pooch. Create a stunning or a thoughtful background. Let your creativity lead you and, whatever you decide to do, have fun.

Submit your entry ASAP.

Your dog can win the 2015 Nose of Tralee but you have to enter her photograph before the June 16 deadline. Go to The Nose of Tralee website and click on the Enter Now link. You’ll be asked to upload your photo, tell the judges why your dog should be the 2015 Nose of Tralee, choose your county, and hit submit. That’s it!

Tell your friends and family.

The general public will begin voting for their favourite Nose of Tralee entrants on June 17. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and even strangers about your pooch’s entry and ask for their vote. Don’t forget to also ask them to spread the word to their friends and coworkers to help you win votes.

Engage voters via social media.

Information spreads like wildfire on social media. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all of your favourite social media sites. Post the photo with a link to your dog’s Nose of Tralee entry so people can easily vote for your pup. Post frequently – but not so much that you annoy friends or followers – and ask others to help spread the word.

Contact the media.

Is there a local newspaper or television station in your community that is always looking for interesting stories? Well, you have one! Call the media outlet or drop an email letting them know that your dog has been entered in the 2015 Nose of Tralee and tell them how you’re working to spread the word to get votes. You can even write a brief press release and email blast it to the media to get attention for your Nose of Tralee contestant. What community wouldn’t want the overall winner of the Nose of Tralee to be from their county?

Will you enter your dog in the 2015 Nose of Tralee?




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