What Happens When You Can’t Board Your German Shepherd?

At Pet Sitters Ireland we offer Pet Sitting and Dog Walking for all types of Pets. As an alternative to Boarding Kennels your dog can stay in their own home and have a Professional Pet Sitter call into their home as many times a day as they need.

There are many reasons why a Pet Sitter is better for your dog.

Shannon, Buster and Siofra
  • Your dog gets to stay at home
  • Your exact instructions can be followed with regards to your dogs routine
  • You get personal one-to-one care for your dog
  • You maintain home security with your dogs at home and your Pet Sitter coming in to do visits each day
  • You get updates daily to let you know that your pets are safe and your home is secure.

Here is what one of our customers thinks of Pet Sitting as an alternative to Boarding Kennels

Many German Shepherd owners feel German Shepherd dogs do not generally do well in boarding kennels. We have two German Shepherds and a Golden Labrador and were delighted to discover Pet Sitters Ireland.  At the “meet and greet” our pet sitter listened carefully to everything we told them about each dog’s personality and individual likes and dislikes.

When we are away we get daily texts letting us know how our dogs are doing and that our home is secure. We even get photos showing them at play. Even though we miss our dogs while we are away we trust our pet sitter to look after them in their own environment and deal with any emergency that may arise.

Richie and Isolde

Whatever type of dog you have Pet Sitting is a great alternative to transporting your dogs out of their normal environment into a Boarding Kennels.

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