Can I Meet My Pet Sitter Before The Pet Sitting Visit?

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Every year at Pet Sitters Ireland we talk with 1000’s of people that want to hire a Pet Sitter for their pets. One of their first questions that they have is that they want to know if they can meet their Pet Sitter before they use our services.

This is a great question and we totally understand why people would have this question, because as pet owners we would want to know this too!

So in this article we are going to explain the process of hiring a Pet Sitter and how, and when, you meet you Pet Sitter.

Can I Meet My Pet Sitter Before The Pet Sitting Visit?

Step 1: Speak With Our Office Manager

Your first point of contact, after you have visited our website, is with our office Manager.

They will be able to chat with you and understand the exact needs of your pets and the type of care you are looking for.

She will be able to discuss how often you need us to visit and design the perfect visit schedule for you. She will also establish if your pet has any special needs or particular routine that we need to know about.

Step 2: Meet The Pet Sitter

Once you are happy with your schedule, and you have confirmed your booking, will we arrange for your Pet Sitter to visit you and pets. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make sure that your Pet Sitter is a good match for your pets.

I know when I go away I want to make sure that my Pet Sitter knows my pets and can show them the love and care that I want for them. It’s important that I feel confident and comfortable that they can handle my pet care routine in my absence.

If for any reason you don’t feel it’s a good match, then of course you can contact us to arrange to meet with a different Pet Sitter. You and your pets happiness is important to us!

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Step 3: Confirm Your Booking and Enjoy Your Trip

Once the ‘Meet and Greet’ has taken place and you are happy with your Pet Sitter then we go ahead and confirm your booking and assign it to your Pet Sitter.

You can then add all of your pet care details to our online booking system, so that we know exactly what to do when you are away. For example if you put your bins out on a Tuesday then add a note to the system and we can do that during the visit.

While you are away you will receive an email after every visit with pictures of your pets enjoying time with their Pet Sitter. I know I LOVE this when I am away, so I am sure you will too.

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