Can I Have My Dog At My Wedding?

Your beloved pup has been through your side through it all – the looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, cuddling with you after those weird or bad dates, and licking your face as your happiness radiates from finding “the one”.

Your best friend has been there through all the ups and the downs of life. And, now she can be there for the most important day of your life as you marry.

Can I Have My Dog At My Wedding

Dismiss the cynicism.

You may have family, friends, or coworkers who balk at the thought of having a dog at a wedding, worrying that your pooch may get overly excited and ruin the entire event. Neither they – nor you – have to worry when you hire Pet Sitters Ireland for our Wedding Day Service. We’ll take care of your dog until she’s needed in the ceremony. We’ll make sure she’s fed, relaxed, and eliminates as needed.

We’ve got you covered.

Whatever your dog needs on your wedding day, we’ve got it covered. Here are just a few of the tasks a professional from Pet Sitters Ireland can take on while you prep for your special day. We can:

  • Take your pup to the groomer prior to the ceremony.
  • Dress your pooch up, if you want her to wear a tiara or a dress or him to wear a bow tie.
  • Pick your dog up before the ceremony and drop him off after the wedding.
  • Make sure your dog has frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Keep your dog entertained, with walks and play, while waiting for her role in the ceremony.

Combine it with an overnighter.

Whether you’re heading off on an exotic honeymoon or spending the night in lavish surroundings, you can enjoy your first night as a married couple knowing your dog is safe and happy with the companionship of one of our professional pet sitters. A professional pet sitter will stay with your dog overnight, in the comfort of your home, playing, cuddling, and caring for her to your exact specifications.

If your beloved pup becomes easily stressed out or prefers staying at home, a professional pet sitter can spend the day with her at home while you get married, ensuring she is happy, well cared for, and receiving plenty of affection as you enjoy your special day.

What To Do Next?

Get in touch with us and let us know what you wedding day plans are. Once we know what role you want your dog to play in your wedding then we can put together a schedule for the day and a quote.

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