Does Your Dog Let You Go To Parties, Christenings and Nights Out?

If you have ever been invited to an event – such as a Wedding or Birthday Party – you will know the first thing that jumps into your head BEFORE you say yes to attending is WHAT WILL WE DO WITH THE PETS.

I know it used to be the same for us. Every time we got invited anywhere, or Mike suggested going away for the weekend, I would always think about the dog and cat and what would we do with them.

Patch hated going into kennels and I didn’t like leaving her there, and TC really hated being moved anywhere, so we basically just stopped going away. We would just make some excuse about being busy or having other plans and then stay home.

Which is where Pet Sitters Ireland came about really. It was the answer to solve our Pet Care Problems. It gave us the chance to say yes to going places, knowing that Patch and TC ( and now Coco) were all looked after safe and sound in the comfort of their own home.

5 Ways Your Pet Sitter Can Help You Regain Your Social Life?

Time to Go Party Mom!

1. We can give you the chance to be Spontanious. Imagine deciding on Friday to head out straight from work and giving us a call to book a Pet Sitting visit so you don’t have to rush back. Imagine deciding to take a last minute weekend break – just because you can!

2. We make things easy. No hassle of transporting your pets to the kennels/catteries. All your pets stay at home in their usual surroundings.

3. We take away any guilt. I know when we put Patch in Kennels before I used to feel really guilty leaving her there. She used to look so sad and scared. It got to the point where I would have to get Mike to take her – as it used to upset me leaving her. With a Pet Sitter she just stays home, chills out and looks forward to the Pet Sitters visits.

4. We keep your home secure. I know another big thing when we went away for us was Home Security. You would always wonder if anything had happened to your home while you were away. With regular visits from your Pet Sitter we can keep an eye on your house and deal with any problems straight away.

5. We keep your Pets HAPPY. Your pets will be happy to stay home, with their normal bed, regular toys and regular routine of feeding and walks. They will get lots of love and cuddles (if that’s what they want!) from one of our loving Pet Sitters.

Do we sound like someone your Cat or Dog would want you to hire!!

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