Can I Get A Pet Sitter For Christmas?

Christmas Pet Sitter

Your holiday plans have been finalised. You have finished shopping for gifts. In a few weeks you will be celebrating the season with family and friends.

But, even though you meticulously planned your holidays, you have hit one road bump. Your friends – or maybe neighbours or loved ones – promised to care for your beloved pets. But, now they have to back out. You cannot take your pets with you. What will you do?

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Can You Get A Pet Sitter For Christmas?

Yes, but you have to act fast. Many pet owners book their pet sitters for the busy holiday season months ahead of time. Pet sitters often find themselves swamped during the holidays.

Fortunately, Pet Sitters Ireland has a vast network of professional pet sitters, each of whom has extensive experience with caring for pets, throughout Ireland, ready to care for your pets while you enjoy your holidays.

If you have never hired a professional pet sitter from Pet Sitters Ireland, you will first schedule a meet and greet with the assigned pet sitter. A meet and greet allows you and your pets to meet your prospective pet sitter to make sure it is a good match. (Don’t worry – if you don’t feel comfortable with a particular pet sitter, we will work with you to find someone with whom you do feel comfortable.)

The meet and greet will also allow the pet sitter to learn more about your pets’ and your needs.

Once you schedule your meet and greet, think about the following:

#1. What Can You Expect From Your Pet Sitter?

Professional pet sitters are there to ensure your pets are cared for the way you want. In addition to caring for your pets, including administering medication, a professional pet sitter will give them plenty of love and affection.

They can also do things like bring in post, put out your bin, water plants and just generally give your home an occupied look and feel.

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#2. How Many Visits A Day Do Your Pets Need?

Many people prefer that a pet sitter visit their pets at least twice each day. Pet Sitters Ireland also offers overnight visits, which can be especially beneficial for those pets who have separation anxiety, who are older, or who have a medical condition.

Essential what we try to do is keep your pets in the same routine they are used to – meaning less disruption for them.

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#3. How Long Will You Be Away?

You will book visits for as long as you will be away. However, if your flight is delayed or you cannot make it home as scheduled, just call or text us right away and we will make sure your pets still receive the love and care they deserve until you can make it home.

Can you book a pet sitter for Christmas? Yes, but be sure to call now before bookings fill up.

To Find Out More About How We Can Take Care Of Your Pets At Christmas Call us on 1800 303010 or 087 9898042 or Contact Us for more information. 

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