How Can My Dog Be Involved In My Wedding Without Creating Havoc?

It’s a day you’ve likely dreamed of for most of your life.

You already know the ideal backdrop for your nuptials, what you and your beloved will wear, and you may even have been tweaking the guest list since even before you met Mr. or Ms. Right.

You want to celebrate what promises to be the happiest day of your life with all of those you love, including your best fur friend, your dog. But, when you mention having your dog at your wedding, others either roll their eyes or seem to bombard you with the many things that can go wrong.

Your wedding is about you. And if you want your dog to be a part of your special day without having to worry, you can.

Pet Sitters Ireland provides a special wedding day service to ensure your dog (cat, rabbit, bird, turtle, or any other pet) is there to celebrate your special day with you.

Your pet can be involved in your wedding with Pet Sitters Ireland’s help. Here’s how:

Tell us what you want.

Do you want your dog to spend the entire day at your wedding and reception or do you just him there for the big moment then returned home? Whatever you want, one of our professional pet sitters can provide. A pet sitter can bring your dog to the venue before you exchange vows and ensure he is fed, walked, and has toilet breaks. That way, your dog will be calm and happy when it’s time to pose for photographs, to walk down the aisle, or to join the celebration after the wedding ceremony.

Dog At Wedding

If you only want your pooch with you for the wedding photographs, a pet sitter can bring him at the time you specify then return home with him, settling him in, playing with, and even walking him. As with Pet Sitters Ireland’s pet sitting service, our goal is to provide you with the care you want and need for your pet.

Do you want your dogs to get dressed up? Maybe you have a special outfit that you want your dog to wear. We can make sure that they get into their outfit just before the ceremony, keeping them looking clean and tidy just ready for the group photos.

How about a wedding day visit?

Maybe your pet suffers from a chronic illness or easily becomes stressed. Instead of worrying while you are celebrating your nuptials, book one of Pet Sitters Ireland’s professional pet sitters to spend the day with your pets.

You can even schedule an overnight sitter who will stay with your pet all night. Instead of having to worry about rushing back home after your wedding, we can stay over with your dog and make sure they get lots of love and attention on your big day.

Have you got quests attending who have pets?

When all your friends and family are attending the same event sometimes it can be hard to find someone to take care of your pets. Because we offer our services Nationwide we can facilitate pet care for all of your guests that are travelling to your wedding.

This means no-one needs to miss out on your special day.

What do you need to do next?

Get in touch to find out more about our Wedding Service and how we can help your four legged family members be part of your special day.

Dog At Wedding



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