A Big Paws Up for Cabinteely Park in Dublin 

A Big Paws Up for Cabinteely Park in Dublin 

A recent trip to Cabinteely Park in Dublin with my canine pal Tiny to meet his furry friend Sunny, reminded me of the beauty of this woodland park and the tranquility to be found there.

Stunning parklands embrace you as you arrive and offer:

  • The Beautiful Cabinteely House
  • Café
  • Dog Park
  • Children’s Playground
  • Forest Walking Routes
  • Duck Ponds
  • Wildlife

Nourishment for mind, body and soul to be found at Cabinteely Park, for both you and your canine pals!

Cabinteely Park Dublin

Where is Cabinteely Park in Dublin?

The Park spans 45 acres and is located in South Dublin, about 5 minutes’ drive from exit 15 on the M50 or take the N11 from the city centre and turn right at Cornelscourt.

Is there parking at Cabinteely Park?

Parking is available at the Cabinteely House entrance off Park Drive.

Review of Cabinteely Park in Dublin

Here is what my Canine pal, Cavalier/Jack Russell TINY thought of our latest visit.

Tiny and Friend Cabinteely Park

Dog Park: PAWS Up!

We parked at the Cabinteely House entrance and Tiny meets his furry Cockapoo friend Sunny.

They are so excited as we enter the park and stop for a moment to inhale the warm Summer air.

We walk past the house and survey the vast expanse of the park below us… which way to go?

So much to sniff and investigate?

Cabinteely Park Visit

Tiny and Sunny have made their decision. It’s off to their Dog Park first for playtime and to maybe meet some new friends.

Down the grassy hill and over the bridge to the right. There it is! Tucked away in the trees is “the field of doggy dreams” … The Dog Park!

As we enter, there are two secure gates, the first gate brings you into the waiting area, where you can take a minute and check out the crowd.

It is busy today – All kinds of dogs, big, small, playful, shy.

Cabinteely Park Dog Park

Sunny (named after his Sunny disposition) is raring to go. He is Mr Sociable and cannot wait to get in there to say Hello to everyone.

Tiny is a bit apprehensive (He is quieter and likes to take his time getting to know new friends).

The good news is the Dog Park is a decent size. It is very long and quite wide, so it ends up suiting both Sunny and Tiny.

Sunny bounces in and instantly starts play chasing and rolling around (he has forgotten all about his humans, he is having such a good time).

Tiny stays closer and we head towards the end of this long Dog Park field, where he picks a quiet spot and happily watches the entertainment Sunny is providing tearing around the dog park with a big grin on his furry face 😊

Dog Walker

Two things to highlight.

Bring your own water (There is no water tap):

There was a dog water bowl which had been recently refreshed but just in case, make sure to bring your own. I always carry a foldable water bowl and a mini water bottle, so you can easily carry them in your bag, to quench your dogs thirst whenever needed.

The Dog Park is one open field:

We would love to see the dog park divided into two sections so that the bouncy, Mr Sociable types like Sunny can race around play chasing happily on one side and then the quieter types like Tiny can take things at a slower pace and watch happily from a distance on the other side. 

There is a bin at the entrance to help keep the area clean.

Cabinteely Park Dog Walk

Dog Friendly: PAWS Up!

This Park is a dogs dream. Tiny and Sunny rejoiced in its embrace from the moment we arrived until we left a couple of hours later… tired and happy! 

Forest paths, wide open spaces, their very own Dog Park and sharing a lick of ice-cream with Sunny on a warm summers day to cool down.

As we enter the park, the stunning beauty of the park embraces us.

Cabinteely Park Walk

It is so lovely to watch the excitement of our dogs as their noses twitch, inhaling this feast for the senses.

After the Dog Park investigation, we strolled around in a loop, across another bridge and past the Duck Pond and back up around this vast green space up to Cabinteely House, crossing over the stream once more.

As it was such a beautiful day, we decided to get ice-creams at the café and then sat out on our picnic blanket on the grassy hill beside the house, to relax and enjoy the view of the park below us.

Picnic Cabinteely Park

Dog Fun Times: PAWS Up!

A great place for you and your dogs to meet up and enjoy with your friends!

  • Glistening streams on a hot day.
  • Woodland trails for sniffing adventures.
  • Picnics on the grassy hill beside Cabinteely House with goodies to share with your canine pals 😊
  • Play chasing in the Dog Park and a cool drink on the way out before we head back to the car.

Always a fun Dog Day out! 

Dog Walker