You Bought Your Pet What? It Cost How Much?


You’ve just won the lottery. Millions of pounds flow right into your bank account, changing your life forever. Family, friends, and strangers are flocking to your door. The media – both national and international – hound you – the world’s largest lottery winner ever – day and night.

But, you and your pets have already escaped the madness, hopping abroad a private jet, ready to jet set around the world. You and your pets will live in ultimate luxury and style forever more.

Sound like a blissful dream?

Some pets live that dream every day.

Let’s take a look at how some popular celebrities spoil their pooches with lavish gifts.

Mariah Carey

International superstar Mariah Carey doesn’t leave her pets back at home in the United States when she travels abroad. Her beloved pooches – Cha Cha, JJ, the Good Reverend Pow, Pipitty Jackson, Jackie Lamchops, Mutley P Gore Jackson III, Squeak E Beans, and Jill E Beans – travel right alongside her, treated to a holiday that takes the definition of pampered to a whole new level.

Carey booked her family of pooches into Bristol’s exclusive Paw Season’s Hotel on a recent visit to the United Kingdom. The hotel, which caters exclusively to dogs, treats their guests like royalty, including taking them on carefully-planned daytrips to surrounding towns and even features such activities as surfing and swimming.

After a long day of being pampered – with meals made by a personal chef specially for each guest, naps on luxury beds, and strolls through the walled garden – dogs can fall blissfully asleep or can watch a feature movie starring – you’ve got it – famous canine celebrities.

If your dog has psychological problems – separation anxiety, fear of relationships with news dogs, you name it – schedule him time to meet with a seasoned animal behavior specialist.

Want to spoil your pooch just like Mariah Carey’s pups? Be prepared to shell out between 15 and 48 THOUSAND pounds. Your dog will enjoy the vacation of a lifetime and you’ll walk away with a unique DVD that features highlights from your dog’s trip and a portrait of your best friend.

Kourtney Kardashian

She and her family perpetually find themselves in headlines, especially in the United States, and Kourtney Kardashian made headlines worldwide when she dropped $25,000 on a designer kitten, Charli. Charli, a stunning Bengal cat with a leopard print coat, joined the Kardashian family last Christmas. Known for being highly energetic, the Bengal cat will need plenty of exercise as her new family spoils her along with her human siblings.

Bengal Kitten (c)

Paris Hilton

Many kids dream of having their own playhouse – the perfect escape from childhood chores and nagging parents. For socialite Paris Hilton’s brood of 20 dogs, that dream is simply their reality. The pampered pooches live in a mini-replica of Hilton’s own mansion, complete with a fenced lawn. The “dog house” itself features heating and air conditioning, leather furniture, and even a top of the line chandelier.

The spoiled pups can run in and out of the house as they please, look out the windows, or climb the stairs for a leisurely nap on a leather couch. Of course, nothing gets the same reaction as a visit and affection from their favorite benefactress, Hilton herself.

What do you think? Would you spend this much on your pets or are these celebs just nuts!!




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