The Best Boarding Kennels Kildare (Services/Costs/Rates)

Boarding Kennels Kildare

When you are planning a trip away you want to make sure that your pets are well taken care of and that you have complete peace of mind during your holiday. There are lots of different option for pet care and we can provide you with an excellent Pet Sitter in Kildare.

But if you are considering using a boarding kennel we have put together a list of the Best Boarding Kennels Kildare along with some of the factors that you need to take into consideration when using the services of a Boarding Kennel.

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Things to Consider When Selecting a Boarding Kennel in Kildare

#1. Standard of the Kildare Boarding Facility

When you are considering a boarding kennels you should take into consideration the standard of the facility that you are booking. Make sure you take a tour of where you pets will be living for the time they are there and see whether it is heated, where they will be going for a walk and what the layout of the place is like.

It’s not going to the same as what they are used to at home but you want to make sure that they are going to be happy and comfortable during their stay. And that the facility is safe and secure for them.

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#2. Service Provided

Not all kildare boarding kennels will offer the same level of service. I think most would offer heating (but be sure to check) but some will not walk your dog as part of the daily rate. Also some may offer a different standard of food to what your dog would normally be used to and may not provide treats.

Make sure you are clear on the following:

  • Is their kennel heated?
  • How often will they be walked?
  • What type of food and treats will they be fed?
  • Who will be taking care of your pets?
  • What happens if you are delayed returning from your trip?
  • What happens if the owner gets sick – who would take care of your pets?

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#3. Maintenance of Their Routine

Everyone has a different routine for their dog and I know from experience life is much easier if your pet sticks to their routine. I know for example that my dog Joey likes to get fed before Coco and my cats screams for food around the same time as the dogs get fed. They all have their own routine and things get a bit confusing for them if it changes.

So when you leave your pets at the kennel make sure you ask them about feeding and walking times and whether you can specify these for your pets. For example can you request that your dog gets fed at 10am and 6pm each day and you cat gets fed at 4.30pm. And can you give instructions on the length and frequency of walks.

#4. Drop Off and Collection Times

It’s important for you to find out when you can drop your pets off and when you can collect them. If you are travelling out of the country then you may be restricted by flight times as to when you can drop your pets off and when you can collect them.

You don’t want to come home and realise that the kennels is closed for collection and you can’t pick your dog up until the next day. You should also ask if there is any flexibility on those times if you get delayed.

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Boarding Kennels Kildare (Cost/Rates)

We took a look on Google to find some of the Boarding Kennels in Kildare and see what type of services that they offer and the cost per pet per day.

Note: We have not personally checked out these kennels, so please make sure you visit them and get references first.

#1. Canine Country Club and Cattery

They offer boarding for both cats and dogs and are located in Sallins. They have 50 boarding kennels available for dogs and charge from 20 euro for one night for one dog up to 40 euro for one night for 3 dogs.

There are 28 cattery units all of which are heated. The cost for a single is 12 euro and for a double is 20 euro.

They also have a Grooming Facility attached to the boarding kennels and they also offer canine hydrotherapy.

#2. Kildare Vets

Kildare Vets are located in Kildare Town and offer boarding for all sizes of dog. They charge 13-19 euro per dog per day depending on the size of the dog. They also offer a complementary wash and dry for dogs staying longer than a week.

They have both indoor and outdoor exercise areas for your dog and trained staff supervising them.

#3. Blackberry Kennels

They are located in Newbridge Co. Kildare and offer boarding for cats and dogs. They offer indoor and outdoor pet enclosures. No prices are available on the website.

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How can Pet Sitters Ireland Help You?

If you would prefer your pets stay at home in their normal surroundings then we can arrange for one of our Pet Sitters to call to your home and take care of your pets.

This means there is no disruption to your pets normal routine and you get the peace of mind knowing your pets and home are safe when you receive your daily pet care journals and pictures from us.

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