Dog Boarding Kennels in Cork (Options, Pros & Cons)

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If you are thinking of booking a holiday away, or maybe just a city break, one of your first thoughts as a dog owner is “What are we going to do with the dog?”

Before we started our Pet Sitting & Dog Walking business we would have always used a boarding kennel and it was something we never loved and nor did our dog.

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So what are your other options when it comes to care for your pets? Do you always have to use a dog kennel in Cork or are there other options in Cork that you and your dog might like better?

Is Pet Sitting A Better Option For Your Pets In Cork?

We are biased of course, but using a Pet Sitter means that your dog gets to stay at home while you travel away. We visit them in your home while you are away and

  • Feed them their dinner
  • Walk them or play ball with them (or both)
  • Spend time showing them lots of love – just like you would.

All done at times to suit you and your dog. So if your dog gets fed at 8am and 6pm that’s when we will be there to make his breakfast and give him his dinner. And if you want us to call for a lunch date – we can do that too.

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What Type of Boarding Kennel Should I Look For In Cork?

There are a couple of options for boarding kennels, a facility where you take your cat or dog and then an in home setting where someone is using their own home to board pets.

When you decide which is the best option for you then it’s important to consider some of the following things.

#1. What level of security do you want for your pet?

If your pet is staying at a custom built facility, then security should be very good. There will be purpose built housing and runs for them to sleep and exercise in. This means it is very unlikely they will be able to escape.

If your dog is in a home boarding situation, then security might not be as good. It’s likely people will be in and out of the house, and you would definitely need to check how secure the garden would be.

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#2. Do you want your dog mixing with other dogs?

My dogs are both absolutely gorgeous, they are friendly and lovable and play great together. But if Coco wants what Joey has they don’t always get on, and this can be the same for lots of dogs when they are mixing together.

In the kennel facility is unlikely your dog will be left alone to play with other dogs, however in an in home situation dogs are living together.

#3. What Type of Insurance Does the Boarding Kennel Have?

It’s important that you are dealing with a business that has insurance when you use them to take care of your pets, to ensure that your pets and your interests are protected.

It’s also advisable to check out if they are a legitimate business, as if you have a problem and they are not insured then it can be very hard to resolve the issue.

Make sure that proper cover is in place to protect your pets and any staff that will be caring for them.

#4.  Can You Organise a Visit

We would recommend that before you use a boarding kennels you make a visit and check out the facility. Make sure that it meets your requirements and that you are happy with the setup.

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Boarding Kennel Prices In Cork (Cost/Rates)

If you do decide to consider a Cork Boarding Kennel then we took a look at them and the rates for boarding kennels start at 15 euro per day – depending on your requirements.

Pros Of Boarding Kennels

#1. You are not giving anyone access to your home

For some people this is a real issue, they just wouldn’t want anyone in their home while they were not there. For others, they wouldn’t mind at all and perhaps use other services that require access to the home, like cleaners or gardeners.

#2. Your dog gets to mix with other dogs

If you opt for an in-home boarding solution, then it’s likely that your dog will get to make some new friends or at least mix with a few other dogs.

#3. It’s a long time solution that people have used for pet care

Sometimes when we are used to using one type of option it can be scary to try another option. I get it, you are scared that it might not work out, your dog/cat might not like it or you might not like it. That’s why perhaps you have not considered or want to try another option.

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Cons Of Boarding Kennels

#1. Your pet is being taken out of their home.

If your pets are anything like my pets then they probably like their creature comforts. They like to sleep on the sofa, nap in their own bed and generally just hang out in their cosy house.

#2. Your pet may not like being in a new environment

Some pets will not take well to new environments. They could feel scared, nervous or anxious about different surroundings.

#3. Home Security

If you are travelling away, and you take your pets out of the home, then your own home is left unattended. There is no-one coming or going for the length of the time you are away unless you hire a security company to check on your house.

#4. Drop off and collection times

Most boarding kennels will have strict drop-off and collection times, meaning that you will need to adhere to these timelines when organising your trip.

This can be inconvenient if you are home later than the collection time and need to pay for an additional day.

#5. Transporting your pets

It can be really inconvenient transporting cats and dogs. Cat especially hate being transported in the car and often dogs aren’t used to being in the car. You may even have a car that you don’t want to be full of dog hair!

Ultimately you need to choose the pet care solution that is best for you and your dog. We want you to travel away knowing that your dog is happy and being taken care of and if we can help then we would be delighted to chat more with you.

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