Birthday Party for Dogs

We all love going to a party and have probably organised a party or two for friends or family over the years, but have you ever organised a party for your pet. Or have you ever been invited to a friends Birthday Party for their dog!

Party planners for pets in the USA claim to be able to offer the perfect party for your dog. So whether its the dogs birthday, a dog wedding! or just a Christmas party they can offer a range of treats and activities for your dog.Edible Dog Birthday Card

The following companies offer to arrange the buffet, including muffins and dog pizza, making it as similar to a regular party as possible the entertainment.

Spa treatments are also an option for the party – so all those pampered pooches can get the VIP treatment. Much like you might hire someone to do nails and facials at a party of your own.

They even offer a swag bag for your dogs friends to take home with them when they leave.

I know people have birthday parties for their pets and I have cooked cakes and treats for our dogs – but would you hire someone to do it?

Or do you think that a Edible Dog Card and a homemade cake is enough?

Has the world gone mad having parties for their pets? Or is it just a bit of fun that shouldn’t be taken too seriously?

Let us know your thoughts!



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