Best Vet in Ireland Nominee: Allpets Veterinary Hospital

Ireland is home to some of the world’s finest veterinarians. At Pet Sitters Ireland, we value the veterinary professionals in our communities. To honor the best in veterinary care, we are looking for Ireland’s best veterinarians. Do you know a veterinarian or a veterinary clinic that deserves to be recognised as the country’s best? Let us know!

Introducing one of our Best Vet in Ireland Nominees: Allpets Veterinary Hospital

Ann Marie Horgan
Ann Marie Horgan




Phone: 041 981 0000

My practice is called Allpets, we are based on the Donore road in Drogheda. Our contact number is 041 9810000.

Allpets Veterinary Hospital is a 100% small animal veterinary hospital developed with the aim of professional and compassionate care for both the patient and the owner. We offer an all year round (including bank holidays) 24/7 out of hours emergency service. We understand that each pet has become a valued member of the household and its health and well-being are as important as that of everyone in the family. Our team of vets and nurses are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of care and regularly attend continued professional development programmes.

Below is a list of our facilities and services:

  • Isoflurane Gas Anaesthesia (All patients are monitored by one of our registered veterinary nurses.)
  • Fully Equipped Surgical Theatre including ECG, Blood pressure monitoring etc.
  • Digital Radiology
  • Ultrasonic Dental Station
  • Ultrasonography
  • In House laboratory (Same day Haematology, Biochemistry results)
  • Orthopaedic work
  • Dog Ward
  • Cat Ward
  • Isolation Unit
  • Boarding Cattery
  • Free senior checks
  • Free weight control clinics
  • Free 6 month checks
  • Monthly puppy parties
  • Senior citizen discounts for vaccination and elective surgery

We have 3 full time Vets and 2 part-time Vets. We also have a practice manager/head registered nurse who oversees the day to day running of the practice, 4 full time registered nurses, a full time receptionist, a part time receptionist, an IT specialist and a qualified nurse who comes in every Saturday and who proves invaluable to us also.

We also have an orthopaedic specialist and a consultant ultrasonographer who visit us as and when cases require.

All our staff are animal lovers as it’s a must for employment with Allpets. All my staff are highly motivated, compassionate, and professional in every aspect of the running of Allpets and we thrive on teamwork. Animals love our staff as we all adore animals and just love to see them happy and healthy and if they are unwell we strive to provide them with the utmost care, compassion, and professionalism to ensure as speedy and comfortable a recovery as possible. Staff at Allpets all like to treat their clients’ pets as their own and understand how worried both the pets and their owners can be, it is a given that all our staff show complete empathy for all the patients in our care.

We like to achieve as high astandard of care as we possibly can and aim to please both the patient and their owners.

From vet to receptionist to practice manager to nurse to IT specialist, we are confident that we provide as good a service if not the best service that is available to pet owners in our area. We also work closely with several local animal charities and encourage potential owners to rescue dogs although we don’t discriminate,  we know all dogs are special and deserve good homes no matter what their background, privileged or not!

In 2008 were awarded the Highly Commended Veterinary Team  Award from the Stronghold national veterinary awards and have been nominated several more times which we are so proud of! In 2012 one of our student nurses Melissa Butterly RVN was awarded the Irish Veterinary Nursing Association (IVNA) ‘Student Veterinary Nurse of the year’ award and in 2013 our very own much loved Tina O’Brien was so deservedly awarded the IVNA ‘Support Staff of the year’ award.

The one thing that makes all of our staff happy is to see a patient making a good recovery from whatever illness or procedure that we may have aided them through and to see them wagging their tails going home or look relaxed, healthy and happy when we meet them again on their return check up!

All staff at Allpets have a vocation and passion in life that is animals and we are honored and appreciative of the fact that our jobs enable us to help animals with their health and owners with the knowledge that their pets welfare are at the forefront of all our staff.

Read what one of their customers has to say about them

“My vet is amazing, she has looked after my 2 dogs since I moved to the Drogheda area. She always makes them feel at ease and they love going in to see her. She has been so thorough, friendly and professional in every consult and procedure that my pets have had. She rang me frequently to check on the progress of my Doberman x Rottie when she had cruciate surgery. She genuinely loves animals and always does her utmost to get to the bottom of any ailment that my two precious dogs. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she treats your pet exactly the way she would her own!! She’s just so genuine, kind, caring and professional. I can’t praise her enough!”




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