The Best Automatic Pet Feeders and Waterers

If you’re a pet parent with a busy schedule or have pets who like to wake you up early at 4 am for breakfast. Or maybe you’re out for dinner or come back from work late then Automatic pet feeders, which dispense pre-portioned meals, can help keep the pet on a good feeding schedule, especially pet with specific dietary needs at a defined pre-set time.

“Automatic feeders save a lot of people a lot of time and worry because it allows them to live a little bit more freely,” says veterinarian Dr. Carly Fox, a staff doctor at Animal Medical Center.

What Are The Best Automatic Pet Feeders and Waterers for Dogs and Cats?

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best automatic pet feeders for dogs and cats as recommended by vets and other animal experts.

Best automatic cat and dog feeder for wet food

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs

Cats and dogs love this automatic feeder from Cat Mate, while pet parents love the price tag. You can rely on the cat food dispenser to delivers fresh wet, or dry food to your little one at a defined pre-set time. It dispenses up to 5 meals and a digital timer to dispense 4 meals at the scheduled times.

It’s a great feeder. Compared to every automatic feeder on the market for wet food, it’s the best choice for keeping wet food cool and fresh, thanks to the two reusable cooling ice packs.

Many customers love this automatic feeder because it’s simply amazing and a lifesaver, literally for both pets and pet parents. I recommend it for busy pet parent or cat who likes to eat at night or early in the morning. No more Vomiting! No more crying that they are hungry!


  • Dispenses appropriately and comfortable to load and clean
  • Perfect for two cats or a small dog
  • Suitable for both wet and dry foods
  • A close-fitting lid helps to seal the food


  • Uses is AA batteries
  • Ice packs do not last too long
  • Limited to 90 hours

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Best automatic pet feeder

Roffie Automatic Dog and Cat Food Dispenser

Cats and dogs don’t like being at home alone, especially during mealtime. If you’re not home on their mealtime they can be destructive because they become anxious, says Dr. Fox. Roffie.

Automatic pet feeders do not replace you being home; this feeder is designed to capture the attention of your feline friend and smooth things with your voice. You can record a short message telling them it’s mealtime, so they don’t feel lonely.

It allows flexible meal scheduling for up to 4 meals per day and customized messages each time food is dispensed. The daily portions range from 2 teaspoons up to 4.5 cups. Roffie recommends using kibble sizes between 0.2 to 0.6 inches in size because a larger kibble may jam up.


  • Easy to clean and scheduling possible
  • Holds a sizable amount of food
  • Difficult for pets to move the feeder
  • Seals, so food does not go stale
  • The batteries serve as a backup to the wall AC power.


  • Larger kibble may jam up.

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Best automatic feeder small and medium pets

Fairy Tale Automatic Pet Feeder and Waterer Set 3.8L

If you’re looking to upgrade your cat or dog feeding bowls, the Fairy Tale automatic pet feeder works great for busy pet parents! It measures 32 x 21 x 32cm; this allows you to program different time sets to serve portions for about 7 days for small pets and 3 days for larger pets to ensure your feline friend is always fed on time.

They are convenient to use and also the right size as well. Many reviewers said they love it because their pets drink more water than usual. So, you don’t ever have to worry about your cat or dog getting enough food and water.

The only thing that could make the water dispenser better is to have another opening on the top like the food dispenser without pulling the whole container off. That would make this product PERFECT! Otherwise, it is cute, convenient, and sturdy!


  • Great for a small and medium-sized dog
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • It prevents spills and messes
  • The plastic is sturdy and well made


  • It can be difficult trying to get inside the bottom water dispenser to clean.

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Best automatic pet feeders 

PAKEWAY Cat & Dog Feeder and Waterer Self-Dispensing

Think about this as a starter automated watering and cat food dispenser. It is an automatic waterer and feeder but does not have any bells or whistles and does what it says. Just set it and go.

The feeder function most effective with little food. Food having a diameter of 1/2 has a rough time going down on its own, even when it is full. Making it a convenient feeder for dogs of smaller and mid-size

After reviewing different pet watering and cat food dispenser, this feeder was probably the best bang for the buck! They are reasonably sturdy, lightweight, and they have got deep bowls to prevent spilling. There is also a marble in the water container to block the water flow when you first turn it over, so it does not splash all over. Other options did not have such a clean design, and the others with a clean design were way expensive.


  • Brilliant for the price
  • Very simple and chic
  • No more kitty food messes
  • Easily detachable design for cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to put together
  • It fits good in a small corner
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • Larger food can get jammed
  • The water dispenser somewhat difficult to change

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Best smart cat feeder with Wi-Fi

WOpet 6L SmartFeeder Automatic Dog and Cat Wi-Fi Enabled Feeder

We couldn’t review the best automatic dog and cat feeder without including the WOPET 6L Smart Feeder. It has unique and fun features that allow you to feed your cats from wherever you are with your phone — It’s like if you were home feeding them.

Most vets recommended automatic pet feeders that can release food on schedule; however, this feeder is even better because of the fun app and Wi-Fi connection. You can also record a short message letting your little friend know that their food is ready.

You can set meal sizes and times in the app, and you can also record a message as their food is coming out. The food container holds a large amount of food and lets you program up to 15 meals a day of 1-50 portions per meal; another cool feature Dr. Fox says to look for in a feeder. These helps control weights and good eating habits, allowing your pets to live a healthy life.


  • Ideal for dogs, cats, and small animals of various sizes
  • Easy to set up and schedule feedings/portions remotely
  • The lid also locks down tight
  • Programmable timer for dispensing meals up to 15 times a day.


  • Spotty customer service responses
  • The speaker is pretty poor
  • Only suits dry foods

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Based on our reviews of the best automatic pet feeders for dogs and cats they are easy to program, plus some allow you to remotely control the feeder from anywhere. They also allow you to choose different portion sizes at various times, thereby preventing possible stomach upset.

An automatic feeder can be a great addition to the house, but shouldn’t be used in place of a human feeding and checking on your pet.

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