The Benefits Of Taking Your Dog To Dog Training

As professional pet sitters and dog walkers, we at Pet Sitters Ireland spend a lot of time with dogs. Questions we often hear include: Is it really worth the money to take my dog to dog training? What are the benefits of dog training?

Keep reading to learn the top benefits of taking your dog to dog training and how it will reinforce your relationship with your best canine friend:

dog training

Assert yourself as a leader.

Dogs are pack animals and in every pack there must be a leader. Unless he is trained otherwise, your dog will naturally try to assume that role. To assure that your dog doesn’t try to rule your home, sign both you and him up for dog training as soon as possible after you bring him home. When you assert yourself as the leader of the pack, you will also win your dog’s respect.

Teach good manners.

Dog training will help your dog develop good manners. Don’t expect those manners to just appear overnight. It will take plenty of work and dedication – especially from you. As pack leader, you are also the one who must ensure that you are consistent with training.

Curb bad behavior.

A dog with behavioral issues – such as jumping on people when he shouldn’t – isn’t at fault for his behavior. It’s his owner’s fault. Dogs are, as we can all attest, incredibly intelligent. However, your dog needs you to take the lead, to work on training daily, and to offer plenty of positive reinforcement.

Prepare your dog for the unexpected.

Your dog’s life could very well be saved because you took the time and put in the effort to train him. During dog training, your dog will learn the term come (or some variation of it). Let’s say you and your dog, who is so well-trained he’s off lead for a bit, are walking or playing in the park when an aggressive dog comes after your pup. You yell “come” and your dog comes immediately, which could ultimately save him from injury or even death.

Deepen your bond.

Dog training isn’t just about teaching your dog how to sit, heel, and come. It’s also about strengthening your bond with him. When both you and your dog engage in training, you learn how to communicate and to work with each other. You will also spend quality time together, especially if you spend some time on dog training each day.

Have you ever taken your dog to dog training? If so, how did it go? If not, do you plan to try dog training?



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