Best Places To Walk Your Dog In Athlone

Best Places To Walk Your Dog in Athlone

If you are living in Athlone, or planning to visit the area, then we have put together a list of places to walk your dog in Althone that they will love.

Make sure you let us know in the comments if you check any of these places out and also if you have any other places in Athlone that you would recommend.


#1. Burgess Park, Athlone

Burgess Park is located close to the Golden Island Shopping Centre. It is 0.89 km long and includes trails, parkland and and a playground along the River Shannon – making it a perfect spot if you have children.

It’s a great place for leisure activities and a beautiful spot to walk your dog in the town centre of Athlone.

Burgess Park Athlone

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#2. Portlick Millennium Forest Park

Portlick Forest Park is located on the eastern shore of Lough Ree, roughly five kilometers north of Athlone. The trail is 5 km long, although there are shorter alternatives, and it’s a fantastic place to bring your dog for a walk.

On the walk you can explore and enjoy the different types of trees, the wooded glades, the flaura of Portlick and the peninsula of Lough Ree. There are amazing views of Lough Ree and a great walking trail.

Portlick Millennium Forest Park

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Dog Walker

#3. Royal Canal Walk, Ballymahon

The Royal Canal, which runs through Ballymahon, was originally built in 1790 for freight and passenger transportation from the River Liffey in Dublin to Co. Longford in the Midlands. The towpath in Ballymahon is a beautiful landscaped walk located 20km north of Athlone and 20km south of Longford.

It really is the perfect spot to walk your dog.

Royal Canal Walk, Ballymahon

#4. Shannon Banks Nature Trail and Athlone Canal

The Shannon Nature Trail walk starts at the back of Athlone Castle. It is about 5 kilometers long and the walk brings you along the banks of the River Shannon and the Athlone Canal.

There are a few information boards on the walk will give you some detailed information about the flora, fauna, wildlife and the fish you’ll find along the trail.

Your dog will love this walk and there are some great photo opportunities along the route.

Shannon Banks Nature Trail and Athlone Canal

Let us know if you visit one of these places in Althone with your dog and if you have more suggestions for Dog Walks in Althone let us know in the comments.