Althone Dog Walking Services: A Guide To Hiring An Athlone Dog Walker

Athlone Dog Walker.

Do you worry that your dog can’t get out for a walk when you are at work? Maybe you are struggling to take them out as much as you would like because you have a business family schedule?

Whatever the reason is then hiring a Dog Walker can be a great help to you, your family and your dog.


What Does An Athlone Dog Walker Do?

You might think that your dog walker is just going to walk your dog and then drop them back home, but often you might need your dog walker to feed  your dog. Or maybe you might need them to take them to the groomers for you. Or perhaps you have a night out planned and you need them to call in and tuck your dog up into bed.

Whatever your dog walker is going to be doing for you then you can be sure that your dog is safe and happy.


Why Use A Dog Walker?

There are lots of people in Athlone that commute to work on a daily basis and need the services of a dog walker to make sure that their dog gets out for a toilet break during the day.

Often people get stuck late at work and are back later than they thought – meaning that they need someone to pop in and make sure their dog gets a break throughout the day.

Dog Walking is also great if you have had recent surgery and are not able to walk your dog as often as you would like. Or maybe if you are just feeling a little bit under the weather you might need some help with dog walks.

How Does An Athlone Dog Walker Keep Your Dog Safe?

At Pet Sitters Ireland we never let dogs off the lead. This means that we can be 100% sure that your dog is safe.

While it might seem lovely to have your dog running around a park or field, if your dog didn’t come back when we called it then you would not be very happy.

Having them on a lead just means that we can make sure they don’t run off, they don’t come to any harm and that we know where they are all of the time.


Who Is The Best Dog Walker In Athlone?

Making sure you pick the right Dog Walker for your dog is really important so it’s always advisable to meet with the Dog Walker first at the Meet and Greet.

Make sure the person is a good match for you and your dog. Can they handle your dog if they pull on the lead, are they confident around dogs and are you happy letting them into your home.

All of our Athlone Dog Walkers are mad about dogs and love taking them for a walk. They want to make sure your dog has the best experience on their walk and that you get some lovely pictures afterwards via our online pet care journals.

Who wouldn’t want to get cute pictures of their dog out on their walk sent to them while they are at work!


How Much Does An Athlone Dog Walker Cost?

Dog Walk costs vary depending on the length and frequency of the walk. Because we want to make sure your dog gets a tailored walk to meet their needs we love to talk to you and find out more about your dog.

Either call us on 1800 303010 or request a call back via our contact form.

We can’t wait to talk to you about making your dog’s tail wag every day!