Are you and your dog The Next Great Baker?

Bake Your Own Dog Muffins
As the launch of our Online Pet Boutique gets closer we are looking for Dog Owners to test our range of Bake Your Own Dog Treats

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to bake these treats, they are very simple to make – even the dog could make them!

Gluten Free, fit for human consumption and with no artificial additives, the ingredients can be mixed in the tub, so there is less washing up! We even provide the cupcakes for you to bake the muffins in.

So whether you want to make them yourself for your dog, or you would like to make them with your children, to be in with a chance of your dog being selected as a taste tester please leave a blog post completing the following sentence.

My dog deserves home baked treats because ….

The lucky 5 Dog Owners will be picked next Saturday.

You can then send in pictures of your dogs enjoying the treats you baked and the cutest picture will win a selection of our Ready Baked Dog Cookies.



0 thoughts on “Are you and your dog The Next Great Baker?

  1. My dog deserves home baked treats because she stuck to her month-long diet better than her owner could have ever could have! Some tasty home baked treats would be the perfect reward now that she is on-target and doing fantastically well (and would also be my way of saying sorry for the enforced diet!)

  2. My gang of four would love to taste test the home baked treats. My two daughters love to bake for the family and their doggies and would really enjoy giving this new recipe a go! Indeed Lottie has set her “almost three years old bucket list”! and would you believe that making new doggie treats from petsittersireland for Jaz, Molly, Gizmo and Bren to taste test is top of her list . . .

  3. My dog,Kouga, deserves home baked treats because he works so hard to bring joy to others. He is a certified therapy dog who goes to nursing, veterans and children’s homes to comfort the residents. Artie, our newly adopted rescue dog is doing wonderfully. We adopted him about 6 weeks ago. He has passed his temperment test and is now in training to be a therapy dog like his older brother, Kouga.

  4. Our King Charles Cavalier deserves to be your treat tester because for the first 8 years of her life she had no treats. No warm bed, no love. Pumped for puppies, Abbey is now 10 years old and was rescued in 2011. Half her ear is missing, most of her teeth are gone, but this girl has more life in her than you could shake a box of treats at and if you could see how excited she gets around food then you couldnt say no !!!

  5. My dog deserves home baked treats because , she is 16 and has given me so much joy . She had a stroke last year and I am so grateful to still have her. She is a little incontinent and some fresh food may help her digestion . I know she won’t be with me forever so I would like to give her the very best. I love wee Tess.

  6. My dog deserves home baked treats because having had 2 knee operations & an arthritis diagnosis by the tender age of only 2 years, Dyson was too sore to be activate & his weight crept up & up, exacerbating his ailments. He took the brave decision of putting himself on a strict no treats diet & swapped his fave doggy choc to carrot sticks & has managed to lose about 10 kilos so far! He’s been really good, despite being the biggest treat hound EVER & now due to his weight loss he gets to go for short walkies every day! He’s been looking for a choc alternative for a friday night treat & these sound perfect!

  7. My dog deserves home baked treats because she’s been through so much since the start of 2012, having major leg reconstruction before the age of 1. Now she’s on a special diet for the rest of her life, nutrition for her is now more important than ever. She must stay lean to take the pressure off her joints. Because we’re still training her, and because she’s still having physio and hydrotherapy, she earns and deserves treats, and healthy treats are difficult to find. Who can resist a face like hers when a treat’s on the cards?!!

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