How To Make An Advent Calendar For Dogs (The Quick Way!)


I have been thinking about making an advent calendar for dogs for a month or so now. Since the end of September the shops have been full of them for humans, but nothing much for dogs.

Every Disney character has their own advent calendar now and the supermarkets are churning them out at a very cheap rate – do kids get more than one now maybe?

I’ve also seen some beautiful beauty product advent calendars on snapchat which is certainly a new one for me. I thought advent calendars only had chocolates in them not lotions and potions for your skin.

How To Make Your Own Advent Calendar For Dogs

Like everything I want to know how to do I Googled it. I was amazed that so many people had been making their own advent calendars – for humans and for dogs. The designs were beautiful and the thought that went into them was priceless.

But there was one thing that bothered me. I am not really very good at sewing and I am really not that creative!! And I mean really bad. Last time I tried to use the sewing machine I bought I had to watch the Youtube video a million times to figure out how to thread it.

I even looked and could not find a kit that came with everything cut out and ready to glue together! (Business idea there for anyone creative!)

So instead I headed to the shops and bought one! Maybe it was cheating – but at least the dogs get their treats in a festive manner and I have more time to play with them!

Meet my Advent Calendar for the dogs for only 2.49 euro from Mr Price.


The calendar has a space for every day to add a nice treat so instead of chocolates I added little doggie bones.

I must say for the price it is really nice quality and I could probably pass it off as homemade to anyone that doesn’t really know me.

Making Your Own Calendar

For those of you that are not creatively challenged then here are some of the fabulous websites that I found with brilliant instructions on how to make that calendar for your dog (or cat!).

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DIY Pet Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar for Dogs

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