A Guide To Finding A Cheap Pet Sitter

How to Find a cheap pet sitterWhen you are looking for a service provider there are lots of factors you take into account. Depending on the service, and how important it is to you, sometime cost will be a deciding factor, where as with another service you might be prepared to pay a higher rate because quality and customer service is more important.

For example do you shop on price more for something like rubbish collection than you would say for a wedding dress where its more about the feeling you get when you put the dress on (and obviously how gorgeous you look on the day!)

We talked the other day about being loyal to your service provider, but sometimes you just purely need to shop on price.

There could be a  number of reasons for that – you just need the service and are not really to fussed how it is delivered, maybe you just don’t have a lot of money or maybe you are just a bargain hunter and come what may you want the cheapest price out there.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter. It’s totally your decision to make.

So here is a handy guide which gives you some ideas on where you might find a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker that is more suited to your budget right now.


5 Places to Find A Cheap Pet Sitter

#1. Free Online Ads Board

There are lots of free boards that you can advertise your business or services on. You don’t need to be a registered business or have a website to place on ad on these. They would be like placing a personal ad. “Pet lover seeks dogs to walk!” or “Crazy Cat lady seeks cats to talk to!”

Lots of people place ads looking for work on a part time basis. So you could find a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker on one of those boards. Chances are each time you go away you will need to look for someone new, as ads tend to come and go as peoples circumstances changes. Someone offering to walk your dog for an hour for €5 might have a change of heart after they realise how long an hour dog walk is!

#2. Local Paper

A newspaper ad is another way to find someone. You could place your own at “Wanted – lovable Pet Owner to Feed Fido” or you might see an ad from someone looking for part time work. Similar to the online ads it’s a bit pot luck as to whether you will find someone who will stick at the position or be available every time you want to travel.

#3. Local Shop

You could create your own ad and place it in the window of a local shopper. Be careful the ad doesn’t read “Home Owner going away!” You don’t want everyone to know you are travelling away – it’s important therefore that whoever you hire is professional in the manner in which they record your personal and travel details.

You might also consider not placing the ad in a shop too close to you. What if it doesn’t work out with the person you hire? Do you really want to keep seeing them every time you pop to the shop for a pint of milk?

#4. Friends/Family

Friends and family are great, they are the best for a trip out shopping, a meal out at the weekend, a listening ear  – but do they make the best Pet Sitters? The answer is ‘Not Always!’ You more than likely have a special routine you follow with your pets and you carry out that same routine every day. Your dog knows when and where it’s being fed and your cat knows his litter tray will be scooped and cleaned EVERY day.

But will friends and family do the same thing? Or will they think that they have a better routine? And can you really leave them 10 pages of instructions?

#5. Neighbourhood Kid

It might seem like a cheap option, and I am sure the kid down the road is just great at playing with fluffy – but you are leaving them in charge of your home, not just your pets. Do they have the experience to notice if the dog doesn’t seem the same as he was yesterday, will they notice that your cats poop doesn’t look right? You need someone who will notice these signs and make sure that your pets are taken care of and your home is safe.


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