A Christmas Present for Life

“ “IT’S NOT TRAINED,” “It smells,” “It’s too much work,” “It won’t stop barking,” “I didn’t want it, the kids did,” – just some of the excuses given to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by owners who decide they no longer want the new pet puppy they got for Christmas.

This was the opening paragraph from an article published on the journal.ie website recently in relation to abandoning puppies after Christmas.

ISPCA welfare officers have revealed a shocking figure that nearly 500 dogs were abandoned in Ireland between Jan and Feb in 2012. Parents want to fulfil their children’s wishes at Christmas and for many this includes a puppy as a present. However, more often than not the responsibility of taking care of the dog is left to the parent who might not have the time or patience to train it.

I think the main message from the ISPCA‘s appeal is rather than just abandoning your dog, find a good home for them. You could also try getting them professionally trained if they tend to misbehave, or if you’re worried about leaving them at home all day while you’re out then why not consider a Pet Sitting Service, Dog Walking Service or Doggy Day Care Service.

For me this picture is something to be kept in mind when considering getting a dog for Christmas.


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