8 Things Your Pet Sitter Will Do For Your Pet

Planning a holiday promises a mixture of excitement, fantasy and, if you have a pet, stress. Leaving a pet behind often causes a pause for concern: Should you really go away while your pet is stuck in a stressful kennel or cattery or as you worry whether your neighbors or family really have the time to check on her every day?

A professional pet sitter will care for your pet just as you do. In fact, here are just 8 things your pet sitter will do for your pet:

8 Things Your Pet Sitter Will Do For

Share Cuddles

Nothing equals pure bliss quite like sharing cuddles. Your professional pet sitter from Pet Sitters Ireland will ensure your pet gets plenty of love, cuddles, and affection.

Play Games

Go…fetch! Nothing makes a dog happier than playing a good game of go fetch! Regardless of the type of pet you have, your pet sitter will make sure your pet plays her favourite games and burns excess energy so she will be rested and content until the next visit.

Alternate Toys

Pets are like kids. They get bored, especially if they have the same toys to play with every day. Your pet sitter can rotate your pet’s toys daily so she always has something different with which to play.

Keep Your Pet Safe

Your pet sitter will immediately know if something is wrong when she arrives for a visit – whether it’s a water leak or your pet has become injured – and will take quick action to rectify the problem and to contact you.

Provide Food

Pets instinctively know when it’s time to eat. Your pet sitter will give your pet her meals, just as she is used to when you are at home.

Offer Treats

Every pet deserves a treat, right? When you want your pet to have a treat – for a meal well-eaten or a successful potty trip outside – your pet sitter will make sure she gets her treat and enjoys every bite.

Give Medication

Those pets who require medication generally need to have their meds administered at a specific time of day and at the correct dosage. Your professional pet sitter from Pet Sitters Ireland will follow your exact instructions for giving your pet medications to ensure her routine continues as normal.

Turn Lights On and Off

Don’t advertise that you’re away from home by leaving the lights on or off 24 hours a day and letting the post pile up outside. Your pet sitter will bring in the mail and turn lights on and off as appropriate to give an appearance that you are at home.

What is the most important thing a pet sitter can do for your pet?



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