8 Things Your Dog Walker Can Do For Your Dog

Your dog means the world to you. You worry about her during the long hours she spends alone while you are at the office. You leave events early – or just decline invitations altogether – so you can give your best friend the love and the attention she craves and deserves.

Alleviate your worries while making your pup the happiest pooch in town when you hire a dog walker from Pet Sitters Ireland.

Here are eight things your dog walker can do for your dog:

8 Things Your Dog Walker Can Do For Your

#1: Provide an opportunity to socialize.

Even the most introverted of individuals –whether human or canine – need time to socialize with others. A professional dog walker from Pet Sitters Ireland will provide your dog with time to socialize with other dogs and other people each day during the scheduled walk.

#2: Offer treats and/or a meal.

Maybe your dog likes having an afternoon meal or you always give her a delicious treat when you’re home. Provide your dog walker with specific instructions for what and how much to give your dog so she will never go without her favourite treat or meal.

#3: Give time to eliminate.

Your dog may have perfect potty skills, never having an accident in the house. But, imagine having to wait all day to go to the toilet. A professional dog walker will give your dog multiple opportunities to eliminate during their time together.

#4: Take on an enjoyable walk.

Unlike some dog walking services, Pet Sitters Ireland guarantees your dog will always receive a one-on-one walk which allows your dog walker to walk at a pace that is most comfortable for your dog. Your dog will also enjoy plenty of one-on-one interaction.

#5: Rotate toys.

Dogs require mental and physical stimulation throughout every day. With a daily walk, your dog will get that much-needed physical stimulation. And, your dog walker can rotate his favourite toys so he will always have something new to play with to keep him mentally stimulated.

#6: Change water.

Your walker can spill out the morning’s water and fill with fresh, cold water to get your dog through the rest of the day until you return home.

#7: Give plenty of hugs and kisses.

Your dog will quickly become buddies with her dog walker, receiving plenty of hugs and kisses during each visit.

#8: Keep you updated.

After each visit, your professional dog walker will send you an email to let you know the walk has been completed and your dog is safe and happy.

What is the most important thing a dog walker can do for you and your dog?



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