7 Reasons Why You Should Enter Your Pet In The Nose Of Tralee

7 Reasons Why You Should Enter Your Pet In The Nose Of Tralee

Ready, steady…shoot! Get ready for this summer’s annual Nose of Tralee contest. The Nose of Tralee welcomes entrants from around Ireland. So, embrace your creativity, get ready for the most exciting competition of the summer, and learn the seven reasons you should enter your pet in the Nose of Tralee.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Enter Your Pet In The Nose Of Tralee

#1. The Nose of Tralee is open to all pets.

All pets are welcome to enter the Nose of Tralee. Enter your bunny, your guinea pig, your chatty parrot, or your hamster.

This isn’t just a competition for cats and dogs – we want to see all types of pets enter.

#2. Show off your pet’s individuality.

All pets have their own personalities, talents, and quirks. What’s your pet’s personality? Is she dignified? Is he goofy? Is she carefree? Is he serious?

The Nose of Tralee provides you with the unique opportunity to show all of Ireland what makes your pet special.

#3. Bond with your pet.

Your pet loves you unconditionally as you love her unconditionally. Deepen your bond with your pet as you prepare your Nose of Tralee entry.

Take your pet around the neighbourhood to meet voters, and celebrate when you first see your pet on the official Nose of Tralee website.

#4. It’s fun.

What’s more fun than a contest for pets? Nothing! Embrace your creativity. Hug your pets. Have fun getting that perfect shot for your entry.

#5. Enjoy nationwide exposure.

Your pet’s entry photograph will be featured on Pet Sitters Ireland’s website and Social Media accounts, which means other pet owners from all over Ireland – the world, in fact – will get to see your beautiful friend.

#6. Meet other pet people.

You don’t just submit your pet’s photo to the Nose of Tralee. You get out there and encourage people to vote. Show them your pet’s photo. Spread the word on social media. You’ll meet plenty of new people and maybe even strike up a few new friendships.

#7. Win great prizes.

The pet crowned Nose of Tralee will win the honor of the holding the title of Ireland’s Nose of Tralee for a year and will win some great prizes.

Enter your pet in the Nose Of Tralee at www.NoseOfTralee.com

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