5 Things To Consider When Getting A Dog

Mommy! Daddy! Can we get a dog?

Most people, when they were children, have either begged their parents for a dog or, now parents themselves, have heard that same impassioned plea from their own children.

Dogs can be a wonderful addition to the family. But, are you prepared for the reality of bringing a dog into your family and caring for him for the next decade or more?

Considering getting a dog? Here are five things to think about first:


Can you realistically afford to get a dog? You will have to pay for your dog’s food, toys, and veterinary care for the next 10 years or more. Veterinary care can become expensive, especially if your dog suffers from a chronic condition or if he suddenly becomes sick or injured.

“You must be willing to and be financially capable of caring for your dog for his entire life.”


Are you prepared to take your dog on holidays with you? Or, if that is unrealistic, are you willing to hire a professional pet sitting service, like Pet Sitters Ireland, to care for your dog and to ensure he remains happy and healthy while you are away? A professional pet sitter will care for your dog, following your exact instructions, while you are enjoying your time on holiday.

Get a Dog


Pets require a lot of time. You will have to care for your dog, of course, but you will also need to provide him with plenty of love and affection. To ensure he grows up healthy and well-behaved, you will likely need to engage in training from soon after you bring him home.

“Do you have the time to devote to a four-legged family member?”


Some dog breeds require significant grooming while others only need regularly brushed. If you’ve chosen a breed that requires significant grooming, are you prepared to learn how to groom your dog as necessary? Or, are you willing and able to pay for a dog groomer to ensure your dog’s hair/fur and toenails remain healthy and vibrant?


Are you healthy enough to commit to caring for a dog for his whole life? Do you have allergies that could potentially be affected by bringing a dog into your home? If you aren’t sure you have allergies, consider going to a local rescue or animal shelter to spend some time around the dogs or you may even consider fostering a dog to see whether or not you have an adverse reaction.

How did you decide to get a dog?



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