5 Ways Your Pet Sitter Can Spoil Your Pet on Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine’s Day one you’ll never forget. Go to your favourite restaurant. Plan your dream date. Gather a group of friends together. Follow your heart on the day the world stops to celebrate love. And, do it without worrying about your dog, cat, rabbit, or other pet.

While you’re out celebrating the season of love, your pet will be at home being lavishly spoiled by a professional, seasoned pet sitter from Pet Sitters Ireland. You can kick back, relax, and relish your evening out while your pets are pampered.

Here are five fun ways your pet sitter can spoil your pet on Valentine’s Day:


Pets enjoy surprises just like we do, so in preparation for your evening out, leave behind a new toy or an old toy your pet hasn’t seen in a while. Our professional pet sitter will surprise your pet with the toy, which will lead to a special Valentine’s play session.

Let’s play!

Sure, pet sitters play with their clients every day, but a Valentine’s play session adds a new twist. Your professional pet sitter will spend plenty of time during the visit playing with your pet, making sure she has a ball while simultaneously tiring her out and preparing her for a leisurely Valentine’s nap.

5 Ways Your Pet Sitter Can Spoil Your Pet on Valentines Day


Have a treat

What’s Valentine’s Day – or any holiday, really – without a delicious treat, something you don’t enjoy every day? Your pet is no different. Leave your pet’s favourite treat for your pet sitter to give to your beloved pet after his play session.

Cuddle time

Valentine’s Day is all about love and your professional pet sitter will lavish your pet with plenty of love, hugs and kisses, providing her with the love and affection on which she thrives. Your pet will feel content and tired, after a busy visit, as she awaits your arrival home.

Make it extra special

Maybe you are heading out of town to celebrate Valentine’s Day or you’d like to spend the night at a friend’s but you worry about your pet – who may be elderly, ill, or who might just not like being alone at night – being alone overnight. Just schedule an overnight visit and one of our professional pet sitters will spend the night with your pet, cuddling him, and making sure he has the comfort of his regular routine.

How do you spoil your pet on Valentine’s Day?




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