5 Ways To Show Off Your Dogs Personality

Your dog has personality. Maybe she’s a diva at heart, walking with her head held high and a swag to her step. Or, perhaps he’s the storybook tough guy, complete with a dominating presence but a gentle heart of gold.

All dogs have their own unique personalities that make them so special. Show off your dog’s personality and have fun while doing it.

Here are five affordable ways to celebrate your dog’s uniqueness and to show off their personality.Dog In Walkewoo Dog Collar

#1. Choose a designer dog collar and lead. Nothing celebrates your dog’s personality – whether she’s a diva, a fashionista, a shy girl, or even an elder lady – like a matching designer dog collar and lead. Designer leads often come in stunning leather, lush velvet, and eco-friendly hemp. Choose a size, a color, and a style that best suits your dog’s unique personality.

#2. Add eye-catching accessories. No matter how fancy your dog’s collar and lead, you can always add a little more flair by accessorizing your dog’s collar. A flower accessory can brighten your dog’s collar and add a touch of spring no matter how cold it is outside. Accessories are often easy to attach and detach and are available in a range of bold colours.

#3. Dress up your pooch. Transform your dog into a fashion icon by dressing her up. Many dog parents are discovering the fun of dressing their dogs up – in dresses, t-shirts, and even sports jerseys – and showcasing their personalities. Make it even more fun by finding a matching outfit or jersey for yourself.

#4. Get professional photographs taken. Let your dog be the star of their very own photo shoot. In addition to pet photographers, many photographers have special sittings for pets. Professional photographs allow you to capture unforgettable memories of your dog.

#5. Start a Facebook page. All the cool dogs have their very own Facebook page, really, so sign your dog up. Use the Facebook page to show off pictures, videos, and stories of your dog’s latest exploits. Connect with other dogs and pets – who all talk in their own voices – with their own pages and watch your dog’s page explode with followers. Some dogs even use their Facebook page to educate others about causes and issues common with their breed or in their country.

No matter how you decide to celebrate and show off your dog’s personality, have fun with it and share it with us!!.

Tell us about all the fun ways you show off your dog’s personality!



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