5 Ways To Say I Love You To Your Dog

5 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them

She cuddles with you for hours on end when you’re sad, sick, or just worn down.

He is the first one to greet you, jumping up and licking your face, when you return home after a long day.

Dogs offer a pure love, a love like no other, and a mere wag of the tail, a lick of your face, or a hug shows you how much your dog loves and appreciates you.

Saying I love you is often more powerful when shown through actions.

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Here are five simple yet powerful ways to say “I love you” to your beloved pup:

#1. Go For Walks

Dog Walking

If you’ve ever gone for a long walk alone, you know how wonderful and peaceful such an experience can be. Taking your dog for long walks – or even a short walk around the area – provides you with the perfect opportunity to show her you love her and to deepen the bond between you both.

To make it more special you can stick to their favourite routes and bring lots of treats with you to reward them along the way. Maybe take time to sit on a park bench and play with them and talk to them! We know you do 🙂

You might find an area that is safe to let them off the lead and play ball with them. Just make sure it’s totally safe before you do.

Here are some handy articles on walking your dog that you might find useful.

#2. Play Together

Games Play With Dog

Come on, girl (or boy), let’s play! Such a simple phrase usually transforms dogs into a bundle of joyful excitement. Play time doesn’t have to be elaborate or long. It just has to be fun. And, for most dogs, fun is running joyously after a ball, digging for peanut butter in a kong, and just being with the family they love so much.

Why not come up with some fun games that you know they will love for those days when play outside is not an option. Perhaps you can make some homemade dog toys that they will love.

Games to play with your dog

#3. Chat To Your Dog


Do you talk to your dog in a voice that’s just for him or for her? You can admit it. Lots of us do. Chatting with your dog is an important way of showing her that you love her.

Talk with your dog as you’re getting her dinner ready, when you’re on walks together, and when you’re just cuddling in bed. They love to hear your voice and although some might say they don’t understand us, I think they understand the love that we have for them through the tone of our voice.

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does.” -Christopher Morley

#4. Groom Your Pooch

Groom Your Dog

A well-groomed dog is a happy and a healthy dog. Spend time each day or week, depending on your dog’s individual grooming needs, to groom your dog. Chat as you groom and show her how much you love her by making grooming a regular part of your routine.

If you don’t have time to groom your dog, or don’t have the skill to do it, then consider taking them to a professional Groomer. Much like we enjoy a day at the spa your dog will enjoy the experience too. Your Groomer will spoil them just like you do!

Find more out about grooming your dog.

#5. Offer Dog Treats

Offer Dog Treats

Everyone loves a treat. Think of how happy and appreciated you feel when a family member or a friend surprises you with a gift. Your dog is no different. Offering your dog one of her favourite treats is a simple and a perfect way to say “I love you.”

Why not make some treats yourself and really show your pup that you love them. Homemade dog treats are a great because you know exactly what’s in them.

Dog treat recipes that your dog will love 

How do you show your dog you love him/her?

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