5 Ways To Say I Love You To Your Cat

The purr of a cat may well be the most beautiful song of love for those who share their home with a fabulous feline friend.

Cats show us they love us in so many ways: through their contented purrs, when they nudge ever closer to us, and when they curl up next to us for a long winter’s nap.

While you may say I love you to your cat multiple times every day, you can also show your cat how happy you are to have her as part of your family in several simple ways.

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5 Ways To Say I Love You To Your Cat

#1. Schedule grooming time

Not all cats enjoy grooming but it can provide the perfect opportunity to illustrate your gentle love for your cat and to deepen the bond you share. Schedule time each month, each week, or each day – depending on your cat’s breed’s specific needs – to groom your cat.

Your cat will get used to the extra time you spend together and love you for it.

#2. Make today a play day

Everyone loves to play: Kids, adults, dogs, and cats. Play is the perfect way to show your cat you love her while also ensuring she gets plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Find some Games You Can Play With Your Cat to help them be more active.

#3. Enjoy Cuddles

Nothing gets a cat purring like a good cuddle, complete with a gentle scratching under the chin. Roll up with your cat and watch a good movie. Invite her to sleep next to you in bed. Hold her on your lap and pet her as you read the afternoon away. However cuddling looks to you, you are telling your cat how much you love her.

#4. Talk to your cat

Sometimes you just can’t talk to people. They don’t listen the way your cat does and you probably even get a better response from your cat than you do from some people. Your cat provides you undivided attention and you talk to her, keeping her company and showing her how much you love her.

#5. Surprise her with treats

Think of how special you feel when you receive a gift or an unexpected show of affection from a friend or a loved one. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel loved and appreciated. Maybe your cat has a favourite treat or goes crazy over catnip. Surprise her with a new catnip toy or one of her favourite food treats.

Saying I love you to your cat is important. But, showing your cat how much you love her is just as important to cementing the lifelong bond you are creating with her.

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