5 Ways to Lessen Your Pet Allergies

Allergies can make our lives miserable. Runny nose. Watery or swollen eyes. Rashes. Sneezing. But, allergies can also cause a great deal of heartache, heartache that doesn’t have to happen.

Pets enrich our lives. Many people have made the heartbreaking choice to rehome their pets due to allergies. Before you reach that level of desperation, schedule an appointment with your doctor to determine if your allergies are due to your pets. People often suffer from allergies as a result of different allergens and not solely because of pets.

However, having allergies doesn’t necessarily mean losing your beloved pets.

In fact, you have several options for lessening your pet allergies, including:

Give your pets a bath every week.

Pet dander counts as one of the culprits of many people’s allergies. Dander occurs when your pets shed their dead skin cells. To cut down on your pets’ dander, bathe them weekly. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a safe and an effective shampoo for eliminating pet dander.

Use HEPA air filters in your home.

An air cleaner with a HEPA filter will trap small particles – such as pet dander – and clean them from the air. Vacuum regularly with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter as well. If your vacuum does not have a HEPA filter, it will not remove the pet dander.

Keep your bedroom pet free.

You spend a considerable amount of time in your bedroom, especially when you are sleeping. As much as you may love to cuddle with your pets in bed at night, that much time in such a close space could cause a flare of your allergies. Do not allow your pets into your bedroom if you suffer from allergies.

Wash your hands after interaction with your pets.

Have you ever pet a dog or a cat, touched your eyes for some reason, and within minutes your eyes became swollen and watery? Avoid an allergic reaction to touching and cuddling your pets by always washing your hands after any interaction. Be sure to not touch your eyes until you wash your hands.

Regularly wash blankets and your pets’ beds.

Sometimes pets shed so much you could probably create another dog or cat. A lot of that fur falls on your pets’ beds and on blankets and furniture coverings. Regularly wash your pets’ beds, blankets, and furniture coverings to lessen the pet dander in your home.

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