5 Ways To Get More Votes For Your Nose Of Tralee Finalist


Your pet has made it to the second and the final round of the 2014 Nose of Tralee. Their charisma, style, and charm have won over our judges. Now it’s time to win over your county.

Get ready to hit the campaign trail to garner votes for your Nose of Tralee finalist so he can receive the nationwide recognition they deserve.

Here are five fun, easy, and effective ways to get people excited about voting for your county’s and your very own family’s Nose of Tralee finalist.

Ask Friends and Family

You’re always there for friends and family. All they have to do is pick up the phone and call. Add that to the fact that they love your family’s very own Nose of Tralee finalist and getting them to cast their votes will be easy. But, don’t forget to ask them to spread the word to their friends and family members in person, on Facebook, on Twitter (#noseoftralee), and by sharing your entry.

Ask Local Radio Stations

Local media is always on the lookout for compelling stories from the neighbours in their community. What’s more compelling than one pet earning the distinction of becoming the county’s lone Nose of Tralee?  Contact your local radio stations – pick up the phone, tweet, or send an email – and share your story. Don’t forget to ask for an on-air interview!

Contact Your Local Papers

Local newspapers search for poignant stories about those in the community to share with readers. Contact your local papers and inform them of the honour your pet has received in being named your county’s 2014 Nose of Tralee. A letter to the editor (which may be published), an informal press release, or even a note to one of the newspaper’s staff may lead to a story about your family’s Nose of Tralee finalist.

Hang Posters In Your Local Shops

Get your Nose of Tralee’s picture out there for everyone in your county to see! Create a poster that includes your pet’s name, a photo of your pet, and the website (www.noseoftralee.com) and the Twitter hashtag #noseoftralee so neighbours can cast their votes. Don’t forget to include the words “VOTE FOR your pet’s name!”

The more people who see your poster, the more votes your pet is likely to earn.

Reach Out To Local Rescues In Your County

Animal rescue groups and organisations work hard to educate the community about adopting and the proper care of pets. Most enthusiastically welcome positive attention from the community. Share your thrilling news about your very own Nose of Tralee finalist with the rescue groups and organisations in your area by posting on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

How To Vote

Send those you contact the official Nose of Tralee website’s URL at www.noseoftralee.com. Remind voters they can also spread the word on Twitter by using the hashtag #noseoftralee.

Spread the word far and wide and get people excited about voting!

The Official 2014 Nose of Tralee winner will be announced on the 19th of August, the final day of Ireland’s annual Rose of Tralee competition.

Good Luck!




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