5 Tips To Create A Cat Friendly Environment

Cat Friendly Environment

Cats can be seen as being more independent than dogs, but they still need to feel comfortable in their own environment. That’s why it is so important to create somewhere that they can relax when they want to.

If you are considering adding a cat to your family then there are certain things that they will need to make them feel at home. Some of them you will need to purchase from the pet store and others you could consider trying to make yourself.

5 Tips To Create A Cat Friendly Environment

#1. Fresh Food and Water

It’s important that your cat has a constant supply of fresh water and that they are fed the correct amount of food each day. Some people leave food down all the time for their pets, where as others supply controlled amounts throughout the day.

You know your cat best and we would always recommend seeking the advice of a vet if you are unsure whether you cat needs to eat more or less food. They can also give you advice on the best types of food for your cat. If your cat is an indoor cat then they will need a litter tray as well!

#2. Scratching Post

Cat’s love to scratch and it’s even more important that you provide a post or mat for your cat to scratch on if they are an indoor cat. No-one wants their favourite chair being damaged by the cat. There are lots of scratching toys and posts you can purchase – or you could make your own!

#3. Space to Chill Out 

All cats are different when it comes to how much human contact they want, so it is important that they can find a chill out area. That might be sitting on a window ledge or lying on a wall in the garden. Make sure they have space to get away from other pets in the house if they want to. I know Coco likes to play with our cat – but he doesn’t always feel the same!

Cat towers can be great for cats to have some time out. They love a space that is high up and out the way. You can also get cat shelves that you can attach to the wall where they can take a nap.

#4. Toys to Play With

Cats who are indoor will need a lot more toys and things to stimulate them than outdoor cats. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on toys – you could even make cat toys yourself. Cats like to chase and pounce on things – so a piece of string or rolled up paper can be just as good. Just make sure they are safe for your cat and there is nothing that they can choke on.

Check out your local pet store for a range of different cat toys.

#5. A Nice Place to Sleep

Everyone loves a comfy bed and so will your cat. There are so many different beds to choose from and not all cats like the same type of bed. Some cats like to go into the igloo style beds, where as others will only sleep in a bed that is open.

Think about the area where you place the bed as well – do the like a warm sunny window where they can watch the world go by or a quiet cosy corner?

Our cat loves sleeping in a cardboard box. Even though he has fancy beds, if you leave a box lying around he will be in it!

Tell us all about your cat! What things do they need to make them comfortable?



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