5 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Collar and Lead for an Energetic Dog

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Collar and Lead for an Energetic DogSome dogs are laid back, enjoying long, leisurely strolls. They like to stop every few steps and sniff the ground, the grass, and the flowers. For them, walks are about enjoying every moment and not rushing.

Then there are those dogs with boundless energy, who just want to run, to greet and to jump on every person they meet, and to walk until they drop from exhaustion. If your dog is one of those energetic dogs, you can likely attest to the challenges you face when going for a walk.

#1. Make sure you choose the right size dog collar.

Small, medium, and large dogs all have different size necks. The right size dog collar is essential to ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort. A dog collar that is too large could result in your dog slipping out of his collar and running away. A dog collar that is too tight could cause your dog to be uncomfortable, even choking him if he struggles or pulls away. Most dog collars come in different sizes, so be sure to choose one that fits comfortably but is not too tight or too large on your dog.

#2. Pick a sturdy material.

Your lead is going to be challenged, especially if you have an energetic dog. Make sure it is strong. Leads made from hemp are incredibly, strong, durable, and they’re eco-friendly. Another strong and durable material is leather. Leather leads are not only strong enough to handle an energetic dog, but they also make a powerful fashion statement.

#3. Choose a lead that is comfortable for you.

Comfort isn’t just about your dog. You’re going to have to handle your energetic dog. And, no matter how well-behaved your dog is, he probably gets excited and pulls on his lead at least sometimes. With the wrong lead, that pulling could cause discomfort for your hands. Choose a lead that has a contoured handle that offers both comfort and style.

#4. Find a lead that has a detachable pocket.

Energetic dogs don’t have the time or the inclination to stop for long before they’re ready to start walking again. A lead with a detachable pocket allows you to carry poo bags, making it convenient and quick to clean up after your dog.

#5. Opt for a lead that is easy to attach and detach.

Sometimes you need to attach or detach your dog’s lead to or from his collar quickly, especially if he’s energetic and wants to get somewhere quickly. Choose a lead that offers you that option.

Don’t forget to consider your dog’s personality when choosing a matching dog collar and dog lead set.



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