5 Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

Anyone that has pets will know how much time you spend each day with them. You probably have more conversations with them than you do most of your extended family. If you are lucky to be at home all day, or even work from home, then you will spend even more time with them.

All dogs have their own unique personalities, but there are definitely things that you can learn from your dog and the way that they look at the world and tackle each day.

So, what things can you learn from your dog?

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1. Stop and smell the roses

I just love the way dogs take time to do what they enjoy. When you take them for a walk they stop to sniff everything and really take in their environment. Many a time I see Patch standing on the drive on a windy day just taking in the view and letting the wind blow threw her fur – with her tail wagging like crazy. She is just living in that moment taking in what’s going on.

As a person how much time do we spend out of each day just taking in the world? For many people it’s a non-stop rush from one thing to the next. When was the last time you were somewhere and just stopped to take a look at the view.

2. It’s Ok to take a nap in the middle of the day

I just love the way that if a dog is tired then they just lie down and go to sleep. It’s just brilliant! They are not saying in their head that they need to make their dog bed or put their toys away – no they are just having a nap!

Unfortunately as humans we all have to work – but taking 5 minutes out your day just to relax can actually give you a boost and you get more done – rather than just ploughing on through the day without 5 seconds to yourself.

3. Live in the moment

Last night Joey was lying on the sofa and rolling around on his back. He was having a great time…and then crack…he rolled off the sofa and banged himself off the coffee table. I wanted to cry for him!! It must have really hurt. But he just jumped up and got back on the sofa and carried on. He was just in that moment of enjoying himself – he didn’t care about anything else. He didn’t care that he looked silly doing what he was doing, or that he fell off the sofa…he was just enjoying himself.

I doubt he was thinking today about it and wondering did anyone see him and did he look stupid. How much time do we spend analysing something we did or something that happened? I know myself that I could spend a lot more time living in the moment – I am sure we all could.

4. It’s ok to have a bad hair day

This is the best thing about being a dog. They are just sooooo happy when they are dirty and wet. They don’t say they can’t go out because they need to get their hair done. They don’t worry if they get dirty at the park – they just get on with it – because no-one really notices what they are doing anyway. Obviously we all want to look nice – but sometimes it’s ok not to worry too much.

5. Sometimes it’s ok to have ‘Me’ time

Most of the time Patch doesn’t really want to be bothered being fussed. She is old and she loves lying in front of the fire, getting petted (when she wants!) and just being spoilt with treats. But lots of dogs like time to themselves – even Coco, who is only 3.5yrs) sometimes just wants to lie on the sofa in peace. They don’t apologise for wanting their own space or quiet time – they just take it. And when they are ready to be fussed and given cuddles again, they come back for it. It’s an unapologetic life that they lead.

I am sure there are lots more things that we can learn from our dogs. For example the amount of unconditional love that they offer or the gratitude that they have for a loving home.

What else do you think we can learn from our dogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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