5 Things I Love Most About My Dogs

Anyone who has ever had a dog will know how attached you get to them. They are like children really – you love them and take care of them – but you also worry about them.

Patch has been with us since she was 10 weeks old. We got her from the pound and she was a found litter. She was the dog at the back getting trampled on – so we decided she was the one for us. She is now 17 years old – can you believe it. Still going strong !

Coco we have had nearly 2 years now. She was also from the pound and had been abandoned when her ‘family’ decided to move house. She was so nervous when we got her – but has truly found her feet now.

So what are the 5 Things I Love Most About My Dogs?

Coco and Patch Enjoying A Nap Together!

1. Personality – Both dogs are so different. Patch really only wants to know you when she has time for you. She likes to get a rub when she is in the mood – otherwise she is to be left alone! Coco on the other hand would sit on your knee if she got the chance and wants to part of everything that you do.

2. Habits – They both have their own funny little habits. Patch loves to play dead when its time to go to bed – and if she really doesn’t want to do something she just completely blanks you. Coco’s funniest habit is when she ‘breaks wind’ and then looks around to see who did it – like it wasn’t her!

3. Smell – I love the smell of dogs when they are clean (obviously). Coco still seems to have that new puppy smell – although they have both been in the fields total and both smell vile! Baths all round later!

4. Cuddles – As I mentioned Patch is not one for a lot of cuddles. But Coco would cuddle you to death. She comes up when you are sitting on the sofa and puts her arms on your shoulders and actually gives you a big hug. It’s so sweet.

5. Listening – Got a problem?, want to get something off your chest?, someone annoyed you? – they are GREAT listeners. Not so good on the advice – but they will listen (without any judgment) all day long!

So what do you love most about your dog?

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