5 Things Every Dog Walker Should Carry With Them


You and your dog have made it a few streets from home when he squats down. You reach into your pocket and realize it. You forgot the poo bags.

Going for a dog walk can be just like taking a baby for a stroll in a buggy. There are just some things – like those poo bags – that you can’t forget.

A professional dog walker will arrive at your home, at a predetermined time, to take your dog for a walk and to enjoy some time outdoors.

Whether you hire a dog walker or you’re walking your dog yourself, here are five things every dog walker should carry:

Poo Bags

A dog’s gotta go when a dog’s gotta go. And, a professional dog walker will clean that dog’s poo up, tie it in a poo bag, and throw it away, leaving the area clean for those who run or walk through it next.

Spare Lead

Leads may be strong and durable, but sometimes the unexpected occurs. Maybe your dog started chewing on the lead and has it frayed. He pulls on the lead and it snaps. Carrying an extra dog lead makes it easy for a professional dog walker to simply swap the lead in case the first one breaks or somehow becomes unusable.

Mobile Phone

Emergencies happen when you least expect it. A professional dog walker should always carry a mobile phone with her in case of an emergency or if she’s going to be running late returning home with your dog. Many dog walkers also text their clients, at the end of the visit, to let them know their dog has been walked and their house is secure.


Dogs wear coats – either thin or thick – whether it’s summer or winter.  Staying hydrated is extremely important, especially in warmer temperatures. Carrying a bottle of water – and even a convertible water bowl – will ensure both your professional dog walker and your dog stay hydrated.

Walking Stick

Some dog experts recommend carrying a walking stick or something similar to protect yourself and your dog in case you run into an aggressive dog or your dog gets into a fight. Alternatively we suggest walking in quiet areas and avoiding conflict with other dogs.

When talking with a prospective dog walker with a professional pet sitting company, consider asking such questions as: How long is each walk? What does the dog walker carry with her during each walk? What does the dog walker generally do if confronted by an aggressive dog?

What do you take on a dog walk? Tell us in the comments below!





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