5 Signs You Should Invest In a Pet Sitter


Holiday time is fast approaching – or you have an out-of-town weekend wedding to attend – and you can feel the anxiety crawl through your body.

What about your pets? Who is going to care for them while you’re away?

You can relax. Here are five signs that it’s time to invest in hiring a pet sitter so you can enjoy your time away from home, knowing that your pet is well cared for and happy in his own home.

Your pet doesn’t like traveling.

Some dogs eagerly wag their tail when they hear the car door opening and jump in the front seat without pause. Other dogs and other types of pets don’t always share the same excitement when it comes to traveling. A pet who doesn’t like to travel will likely become stressed, which could lead to vomiting, illness, and general angst. Investing in a pet sitter means your pet will stay in the comfort of his home, relaxed and cared for the way he is accustomed.Pet Sitter

You have an older pet.

Elderly animals often make the most gentle, loving pets. However, elderly pets can also be more sensitive, may suffer from health related issues like arthritis, and require specialized care. A trip away from home could cause undue stress. A pet sitter will ensure your pet maintains his usual routine and gets the love and affection to which he is accustomed.

Your pet isn’t healthy.

Some pets, unfortunately, have health problems that make traveling difficult and that require medication at set times. A professional pet sitter will give your pet the medication he needs, following your exact instructions, and will take him to your veterinarian in case of an emergency.

Your destination is not pet-friendly.

While the world is becoming more accommodating to pets, not every hotel or resort allows pets. Airlines can be discriminate about which pets are allowed to fly. Traveling with pets can often be difficult and stressful. Save both yourself and your pets the stress by hiring a pet sitter.

Your pet will be stuck in a hotel room all day.

A pet sitter allows your pet to remain in the familiarity and comfort of his own home. Maybe you’ve found a wonderful hotel that allows pets, but think of it from your pet’s point of view. He can sit in a strange room – surrounded by strange smells and sounds all day – or he can remain in his own home with his own toys and bed. Which do you think he would prefer?


We’d love to meet you and your pet to see how we can help when you take your next trip.



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