5 Reasons Your Puppy Needs A Dog Walker

Puppy needs a dog walker
Puppies have boundless energy. A puppy can play or run for what seems like an eternity and still have the energy to play some more – while you’re ready to pass out from exhaustion.  And, sometimes, at the end of a long work day, you simply may not have the energy to keep up with an energetic, enthusiastic puppy waiting for his evening walk.

A dog walker can become an important part of your puppy’s daily routine and can save you the worry about whether your dog has an accident in the house or is destroying your favourite possessions. The benefits of hiring a professional dog walking service include:

A dog walker provides your puppy with exercise.

Puppies must have a way to expend their excess energy. Your puppy will have the opportunity to get outside, sniff around, and to get a good, brisk walk. He can then nap in his favourite place or play with his toys as he awaits your return home.

Your puppy will have an emotional outlet.

An energetic puppy needs plenty to do to exhaust his energy. A bored puppy is a destructive puppy and when a puppy becomes destructive everything is at risk: your furniture, your shoes, and your most prized possessions. A dog walker will allow your puppy an outlet to expend his excess energy and keep him happy – and protect your belongings.

Your puppy will enjoy socialisation.

If you’ve ever walked a puppy down the street, you’ve probably been inundated with “ohhs” and “ahhs.” Everyone loves a cute puppy. And, most puppies love the attention. A mid-day walk with a dog walker will help your puppy get used to being around people and will give him the chance to socialise with people and even other dogs he meets along the way.

Your puppy will get a much-needed toilet break.

Unlike older dogs, puppies generally need to go out to the toilet much more frequently. In fact, experts assert that puppies need to use the toilet every three or four hours because they have not yet learned how to control their bladder. Your puppy’s pet sitter will ensure your puppy gets a much-needed toilet break.

Walking is good for your puppy’s health and wellbeing.

You may already know that exercise has been a popular way to help ward off depression. A dog walker, who takes your puppy for a walk each day, will offer a break during the day, will help ensure your puppy maintains a healthy weight, and will curb any unwanted behaviours such as whining and jumping on people.

Your puppy will quickly grow and thrive with the love of his family and with the valuable mid-day breaks he receives with a professional dog walker.

How Pet Sitters Ireland Can Help?

You have probably realised that we offer a Dog Walking Service and provide a perfect solution for your puppy to get out for a dog walk during the day. You can read more about our Dog Walking Services or contact us to talk more about organising a Puppy Dog Walking Package for your new puppy.



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