5 Reasons You Should Never Choose A Pet Sitter Based On Price

Sometimes, it just makes sense to make choices based on price. You go to the markets that sell quality produce at the lowest prices. You shop around to find the best deal on a new flat screen TV, a tablet, or a mobile phone but you don’t buy the cheapest with a name you don’t know.

But, some decisions should never be based on price alone. Would you choose a pet sitter based on price? You might be tempted to, especially if you are on a tight budget, but here are five compelling reasons you should never choose a pet sitter based on price alone:

You get what you pay for.

You’ve probably heard that old clich? you get what you pay for. That’s true with any service or product. Professionals charge professional rates. In addition to making a profit to keep the business going, a professional pet sitting company must pay for insurance, their employees, marketing, and others costs necessary to run a successful pet sitting business.

Why Cheaper Isn't Better For Your PetsYou most likely won’t get the same breadth of service.

A pet sitting business that charges industry rates will provide you with pet sitting as well as other services, such as dog walking and a wedding day package. A pet sitting company that offers low rates simply cannot do that because the business can’t afford to hire enough employees and make a profit.

You may receive less personal attention.

If a pet sitter is charging dirt cheap rates, she may quickly become booked and, if she can’t afford to hire employees, she may overextend herself, meaning your pets will likely not get the same quality care they would with a pet sitting company like Pet Sitters Ireland, which has qualified pet sitters nationwide.

You may not be working with a professional.

Sometime pets sitters can charge less because they just want to earn extra money. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, you want a pet sitter with whom you can develop a relationship and count on whenever you need to go out of town or head on a summer holiday.

You deserve peace of mind.

When you work with an established, reputable pet sitting company, you know that your pet sitter will show up when she is scheduled to show up. And, if that pet sitter can’t make it, a backup pet sitter will be there.

So, while price may be a consideration in choosing a pet sitting company, it shouldn’t be the only factor. Choose a pet sitting company with which you feel comfortable, that has a solid reputation, and that can promise the pet sitter will be there at every scheduled visit.



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