5 Reasons To Rescue A Puppy


All around the world millions of homeless, neglected, and abused animals sit in shelters and other facilities, waiting for their forever home. Some are lucky: They are scooped up, taken to their new home, and welcomed to a family to forever be spoiled.

Others share a much more heart-wrenching fate as they – scared, alone, and without ever knowing the love of a real family – have their lives taken from them. Millions of pets are euthanized around the world every year.

5 Reasons To Rescue A Puppy

If you’re thinking of adding a puppy to your home, here are five great reasons to adopt rather than buy from a pet store or a breeder:

1. You save TWO lives.

You are saving the life of a puppy who might otherwise face the fate of millions of others each year. And, if you adopt from a dog rescue, you are saving the life of another dog by adopting. That open space your new puppy left leaves room for another puppy who desperately needs rescuing.

2. You help fight against the problem.

An overwhelming number of dogs end up homeless every year. Instead of buying from a breeder, which only perpetuates the problem of overpopulation of dogs, you take a stand against overpopulation by rescuing a puppy from a shelter or a rescue.

3. You pay less with a rescue.

Shelters and rescues generally charge an adoption fee and require an extensive application to ensure their animals are going to a good home. But, you will pay far less than if you buy a puppy from a breeder or a pet store.

4. You financially help the shelter or rescue.

The adoption fee you pay for your puppy doesn’t go toward breeding more puppies, who will grow up to fight for homes. Rather, the shelter or rescue organization uses it to care for the animals it already has and to educate the public.

5. You get a friend for life.

Even puppies can suffer from trauma sustained during their early months. But, even the most abused and frightened animals can transform into the most loving dogs. Rescued animals inherently know they have been saved, and whether your new puppy is perfect or has experienced a rough patch before finding you, she will reward you with unconditional love.

In addition, you and your puppy become unspoken role models for the rescue community, showing others the many advantages of adopting from a rescue rather than buying at a pet shop or from a breeder.

Don’t forget to check out the older dogs when you go to a shelter or a rescue. Some dogs may look tired and worn. It just means they’ve experienced more and have more love to give.

Tell us if you recently rescued a dog – we would LOVE to hear all about them and see some lovely pictures.




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