5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Groomer

Author: Noeleen Stedman, Gizmos Grooming

Aside from the obvious reason of keeping your dog clean there are numerous other reasons to have your dog groomed.

1. Lets we start at the feet.

Many people never check their dogs nails but unless your dog is walked everyday on concrete chances are their nails are too long. This can be rather painful for your dog. In some cases the nails can even turn into your dogs foot pad.When you get your dog groomed your groomer should clip your dogs nails back to a more comfortable length, ensuring not to cut the quick (blood supply) of the nail.

While we’re discussing feet. Many long hair dogs also get clumps of hair growing between their toes, this soon turns into a mat and can really agitate your dog. Trimming this hair can also help stop your dog falling on tiled or wooden floors as this hair can also impair the grip of your dogs foot pads.


2. A good wash can work wonders for your dogs coat.

When your dog is professionally groomed your groomer will get right into the base of your dogs coat and free up any dead hair so your dog loses it in the bath rather than on your couch ! A good bath will also help stimulate blood flow and help encourage the hair follicles and thus help grow a shinier healthier coat !

3. Next to the ears.

Not everyone realises it but it’s absolutely key that your dog’s ears are regularly checked. Many long haired dogs have a build up of hair in their ear canal that will need to be professionally removed. If left untouched your dogs ears will become blocked and a lack of airflow can often lead to infection.

4. Another basic but clearly obvious area is your dogs private parts!

Known in the grooming industry as a hygiene clip. A hygiene clip is basic hygiene, especially if your dog is an indoor pet ! A hygiene clip will ensure your dogs excretions won’t get stuck to your dogs coat and thus won’t be brought into your house !

5. Health Check

Finally and probably most importantly regardless of what breed of dog be it a Jack Russell or a Bichon a visit to the groomer is a health check in some ways. Not that your groomer is a vet but your groomer will be washing and scrubbing each and every area of your dog. They may discover lumps and bumps that you as an owner would never otherwise see ! Many dogs have been saved by a groomer who discovered a lump before it got too far.

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