5 Reasons Not To Board Your Cat At A Cattery

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Cats, as most families with a feline member with attest, are creatures of habit. Your cat probably has created their very own schedule: She naps at the same time every day; maybe agrees, albeit reluctantly, to play for a bit each day; and expects her meals at the same time. If your cat live indoors but is also allowed outdoors, she may also enjoy roaming the garden and the neighbourhood all day.

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5 Reasons Not To Board Your Cat At A Cattery

With the rise in popularity of cat sitting, boarding your cats at a cattery is no longer your only option for having a professional care for your cat while you are away from home. In fact, there are several reasons you should not board your cat at a cattery, including:

#1. Cats must have routine.

Going back to the idea that cats are creatures of habit, most cats thrive on routine. Putting your cat into a cattery will certainly disrupt her routine.

What’s more, it could cause her to become depressed, especially if she’s older and particularly close with you and your family.

#2. Cats are territorial.

The smell of another cat might send your cat into a fury. Her tail may go straight up in the air, and she may begin hissing. Cats are territorial and will even mark their space, by going to the toilet where another cat has left his scent.

Boarding your cat in a cattery means exposing her to other cats and new smells, which can be overwhelming and stressful.

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#3. Cats need one-on-one attention.

Maybe your cat is a love bug and sleeps with you on the bed. Maybe she likes to cuddle and have her ears scratched while you watch television. Catteries are often busy, which means your cat will not receive the love and one-on-one attention to which she is accustomed.

A professional cat sitter learns what your cat enjoys and provides that important interaction and affection.

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#4. Cats need plenty of exercise.

Sure, some cats may have a reputation for being lazy. But, all cats need exercise each day, whether that means active play time or a run through the back garden.

Your cat will likely be confined in a cage or a pen at the cattery and will be unable to run or to go outside when she feels like it.

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#5. Illness can spread quickly among cats.

While a cattery may require that cats be healthy to be boarded, sometimes illnesses go undetected. Unfortunately, an illness can spread very quickly among cats, especially in a cattery.

This can put your cat at risk, especially if she is elderly or has a compromised immune system.

A cattery isn’t your only choice for the professional care of your cat. A professional cat sitter can provide your cat with love, affection, and the care to which she is accustomed while she remains in the comfort of her own home. And, best of all, you enjoy the peace of mind knowing your cat is safe at home so you can enjoy your time away.

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