5 Indoor Dog Games Your Dog Walker Can Play With Your Dog

It’s rare for us to get a day in Ireland when it’s too hot to take your dog out for a walk in the midday sun! At the moment though the sun is extremely hot and many dogs are finding it too much to take a walk. I know our dog Patch is just too old to be huffing and puffing in the heat. Even Coco wants to lie in the shade and rest out of the strong sun.

So what Indoor Games Can You Play With Your Dog?

Interactive Treat Games – these are perfect for keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated. There are lots of Dog Toys which you can put treats into to keep your dog amused and active during the day.

Just sunbathing! Then I will be in to play!

Hide and Seek – hiding their favourite toy or treats around the house can make a great game of hide and seek. Throwing a treat across the room can keep them active for ages while they look for it.

Fetch – If you have the room in your house, and you dog is not going to break an antique vase in the process, then maybe a game of fetch might be appropriate. It’s great training for your dog and can be good for puppies who are still learning fetch techniques.

Stair Climbing – Treats are a great way to get your dog running up and down the stairs. You can throw the treat up and get them to fetch it and come back and throw another one. It’s great fun and exercise for your dog.

Agility Course – If you have the space you could set up an indoor agility course. Maybe a few household items to create a jump for them or a chair for them to jump up and down onto.
With all of these activities make sure that the games are safe and appropriate for the size and age of your dog.

Even with the heat your dog needs to get exercise. They also need plenty of water – remember to keep those bowls topped up in the heat.

If you are booking a Dog Walker – remember we don’t have to take your dog for a walk, we can play indoor games with too.

Let us know what games you like to play with your dog.



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