5 Games Your Dog Walker Can Play With Your Puppy

Some people have misconceptions about what a dog walker really does. Sure, a professional dog walker’s most important responsibility, in addition to ensuring your dog’s safety, is taking him for walks. But, dog walkers also provide a host of other benefits as well, including helping your dog become socialised and playing with him.

Puppies seemingly have unlimited energy and a professional dog walker understands the importance of making every minute of a dog walking appointment count. In addition to a brisk walk, your dog walker will likely engage your puppy in games that will both tire him out and encourage the mental and physical stimulation necessary for your puppy to grow and to thrive.

5 Games You Or Your Dog Walker Can Play With Your Puppy:

1. Fetch.

Yes, it’s the oldest game known to man, and that’s why fetch has to be at the top of any list of games you or your dog walker can play with your puppy. A ball or a soft toy all work great for a game of fetch. Fetch will exhaust your puppy’s energy. It will also teach him the important lessons of obeying commands and receiving praise for a job well done.

2. Sit, Roll Over, Play Dead.

Play should also mentally stimulate your puppy, and teaching him tricks is a fun way to do just that. Your dog walker can teach your puppy how to sit, roll over, shake paws, or even play dead on command. Most dog walkers and pet professionals recommend using positive reinforcement to encourage the learning process.

3. Hide and seek.

If you have two people, you can play hide and seek by having one hold your dog while the other person hides. However, your dog walker may want to play hide and seek with treats. The dog walker can hide the treats – inside or outside of your home – and then encourage your puppy to use his nose to sniff the treats out.

4. Tug of war.

A good game of tug of war can tire out your puppy and teach him commands, including “drop” “take,” and “stop.” It’s also a great way for a dog walker to bond with your puppy. However, it’s important not pull too roughly to avoid hurting your puppy’s teeth or jaw.

5. Frisbee.

Once your puppy has mastered the art of fetch, you and your dog walker may want to graduate to catching a Frisbee. Like the other games, Frisbee allows your puppy to learn commands such as go and come.

As your puppy matures and learns more commands, both you and your dog walker will be able to introduce more games that will continue to mentally and physically stimulate your dog.

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