5 Fun Furniture Pieces Just for Pets


You live in style and comfort, so why shouldn’t your beloved pet do the same? Well, the truth is that most of us probably spend more on toys and little luxuries for our furry, feathered, and scaled family members than we do on ourselves.

Furniture for pets often has dual purposes. It provides a pets-only space your pet will love and it can help protect your own furniture from extra wear and tear. Here are five fun furniture pieces just for pets:

A Comfy Bed

Your dog, cat, or other pet may love to sleep in bed with you. But, sometimes a pet just wants a private space of his own. A comfortable bed can provide just that. Shopping for a pet bed can prove somewhat intimidating as you have so many options. You might want a dog bed stuff sack, a round dog bed, or a traditional pet bed with a mattress. You also have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a cat bed (which can also be used for rabbits, ferrets, and other small animals), including a felt bed and a round stuff sack.

Pet Stairs/Ramp

Some pets are just tiny, making it difficult, if not impossible, to jump on the sofa or on the bed. Elderly pets may suffer from age-related issues, including arthritis, which limits their mobility. Pet stairs or a pet ramp can easily solve that problem. You can generally find carpeted stairs, in differing widths depending on your pet’s individual needs. A pet ramp may be a better alternative if your pet suffers from arthritis or another illness that makes it difficult for him to climb stairs.


Adults have their own sofas. Kids have their own sofas. So, why should your dog, cat, bunny, guinea pig, or other pet go without his own sofa? Now your pet can have his very own sofa, right alongside your family sofa in the lounge. You can find pet sofas in all shapes, sizes, and materials, including wood, fabric, and leather. Don’t forget to add a pillow so your pet has somewhere comfy to rest his head.

Cat Tree

If cats could talk, they’d probably say their two favorite things in the whole world are climbing and napping and not necessarily in that order. A cat tree allows your cat to do both. She can get some of the exercise she needs while providing a cozy hideout to catch a quick nap.


Some pets – like rabbits – seek out places, such as under the bed or under the sofa, that allow them to see everything that’s going on around them while remaining hidden. A pet tent provides that secret hideaway, a cozy place to nap, and doesn’t take up much space. You can generally find colourful pet tents at your local pet store. Or, if you prefer, opt for the larger child’s tent version, found at many toy stores.

Brighten your pet’s day and your home with fun pieces of furniture created just for your pet.

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