5 Cat Treats Your Cat Will Love

5 Cat Treats Your Cat Will Love

Much like humans like treats, so do cats. It’s always nice to bring them something different to try rather than getting the same cat treats all the time. So, this week we looked at 5 Cat Treats Your Cat Will Love that you can pick up in your local supermarket when you are doing your shopping.

All the treats were less than 2 euro each, so they won’t break the bank either.

5 Cat Treats Your Cat Will Love

#1. Dreamies (with tempting beef)


Dreamies come in lots of different flavours, including beef and cheese. We reviewed their treat dispenser that came with the cheese treats earlier in the year and it was a great hit with lots of cat owners.

You can feed these cat treats to adult cats and kitten, and they are only 2 kcal per treat. The treats are small so you get a lot of them in a 60g bag – which makes them a great treat to last the week.

#2. Felix (Mixed Grill)


These treats also come in Seaside Mix and Cheese Mix flavours. There are differently shaped treats in the bag, which does make them a little more attractive. Although I am not sure my cat really appreciated the shape of them at all!

They are small treats, so plenty of them in the 60g bag, and they contain proteins, vitamins and omega 6.

#3. Whiskas Dentabites (with chicken)


These reportedly reduce tartar build up, so they are great for your cat’s dental health. They are flavoured with chicken, but also come in salmon flavour. There are 50g in the bag.

They are also endorsed by the British Veterinary Dental Association.

#4. Webbox lick-e-lix (with chicken)

WebboxThis is a brand that I have not heard of before. I’ve never even seen yogurt for cats before.

The box contains 5 x 15g sachets of the treat. It comes in chicken and salmon and can be given as a treat, used as a topping on their food or used to hide crushed up medication. It’s also suitable for kittens from 3 months.

#5. Tesco Treats (Cat Sticks)

Tesco Cat Treats

These were the cheapest of the treats and are a store brand. This type of treat is sold in most of the major supermarkets.

It’s a 30g pack and there are 6 individual sticks in the packet.


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