5 Best Options For Pet Care When You Are Planning A Trip

Best Pet Care Options

As a pet owner when you consider planning a trip one of the first things you probably think about is what are your best options for Pet Care.

It’s something every pet owners needs to think about and assess which is the best option for them and their pets. When it comes to pet care I don’t think there is a one solution fits all scenario, as each pet is different and has their own needs when it comes to the care that they want.

5 Best Options For Pet Care

Friends Or Family

One of the cheapest options for pet care is friends and family, they normally wouldn’t expect a payment and would be happy to call in and feed your cat or walk your dog.

There are a couple of things to consider when opting to use friends or family for your pet care.

  1. Friends and family will have other commitments of their own. Your pet care routine is probably not their primary focus.
  2. They probably won’t have time to send you updates after every visit – it’s a lot to ask a friend!
  3. Leaving instructions for a company is a lot easier than a friend – after all, you don’t want them to feel they are working for you.
  4. Make sure that if something happens to your friend or family member that you have a backup in place. Don’t rely on them to sort that our for you if, for any reason, they called away and can no longer care for your pets.
  5. The obvious benefit though is that they probably won’t charge you. You may feel you should buy them a present from your trip though!

Boarding Kennels or Cattery

Boarding Kennels and Catteries are probably the most well-known pet care options for when you are planning a trip. Rather than you pet staying at home you take them to a facility where they will care for them in their purpose built facility.

There are a few things to consider when looking at this option.

  1. Not all animals like leaving the home and staying in another place. They can become anxious and scared with the unfamiliar surroundings.
  2. Your pets are probably used to a more luxury surrounding than a kennels. I know my dogs like to nap on the sofa!
  3. Most cats hate travelling in the car, so this can be stressful for them. They also don’t like new surroundings, and if you cat is used to exploring outside then this probably isn’t ideal for them.

House Sitter

A House Sitter can be a great option if you want someone to take care of your home and your pets at the same time. This option means someone will come to live in your house for the time you are away and take care of your pets for you at the same time.

There are some important considerations when choosing a House Sitter though.

  1. Is the House Sitter going to be at your house all of the time or do they have work/family commitments that they need to attend to?
  2. Are they an animal lover or more focused on house sitting for money? You want someone that will give your pets the attention they are used to.
  3. Where did you find the House Sitter? Are they from a reputable business or did you find them on Done Deal. Please do extensive checks if you are not using a reputable company. Not only are you leaving the person in your home you are letting them take care of your precious pets.

Pet Care Options

Pet Sitter

A Pet Sitter offers in-home pet care for all types of pets. Your pets stay home while your Pet Sitter calls into you home as many times a day as you need to feed and walk, where appropriate, you pets.

The benefit for pet owners of using a Pet Sitter is that your pets stay in their familiar surroundings and follow their normal routine while you travel away.

There are some things to consider when you hire a Pet Sitter and we have a handy checklist for you to download as well.

  1. Who is the Pet Sitter? Are they a reputable business that operates full-time pet care.
  2. How will you know that you Pet Sitter has come to your home – do they GPS track their whereabouts?
  3. Will you receive updates? You want to know how your pets are and see some cute pictures.
  4. Are you dealing with a company that is guaranteeing your visits? You want to know when you are on your holidays that visits are being done.
  5. What contract do you have with your Pet Sitter? You might not care about contracts, but you do want to know that you are getting the service you are paying for.

Dog Minder/In Home Dog Boarding

A Dog Minder will take care of your dog in their home, rather than your home. Once you find someone to take your dog while you are on holiday you just drop them off at the Dog Minder and then collect them when you get home.

Probably one of the most important thing with a service like this is that you make sure it’s a good match for your dog and whatever other dogs will be in the home a the same time.

Before hiring a Dog Minder you should ask the following

  1. How many dogs will be staying in the Dog Minders home at the same time as your dog?
  2. Does the Dog Minder have a day job or are they home all day for you dog?
  3. Who else will be in the home – kids, family, friends?
  4. What type of security is at home – is the garden fenced in, will they have access to any unsecured areas of the home?
  5. Will they walk you dog twice per day? Or are walks extra?

How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help?

You are probably aware by now that we offer a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service. If you feel that your pets are suited to an in home care option then please do get in touch.

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