5 Best Dog Walks in South Dublin

5 Best Dog Walks in South Dublin

While it can be challenging sometimes to find a good place to walk your dog if you live in South Dublin, there certainly are some very good spots to take your dog for a walk.  Below I have listed my 5 Best Dog Walks in South Dublin for you to try out.

If there are other walks in Dublin that you love, then please add them to the comments below.

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5 Best Dog Walks in South Dublin

#1. Eammon Ceannt Park

This place people would sometimes refer to as “Sundrive park” I visit quite often with my dog and she genuinely loves it. The park is situated between Clogher road and Sundrive road in Kimmage and has the cycling velodrome right in the middle. With it’s 17 hectares of fenced space this place is worth a visit with your four-legged friend. There are always lots of dog lovers and many chances to socialise and find some good play buddies or you can simply play fetch if your dog is into it. The park doesn’t close its gates so you can visit even after dark hours if you work until late. Just don’t forget to put some kind of light collar on Fido as it’s very easy to lose him from your sight after the sunset.

#2. Bushy Park

Located mainly in Terenure but stretching to the borders of Templeogue and Rathfarnam this park is also very enjoyable place to visit. It’s a 20,5 hectares’ suburban park with open spaces and great wooded area. Although the parking can be tricky sometimes, you should give it a try. There are lots of other dogs to say hello to, many staircases and bridges to explore and some nice spots for dogs to swim. Doggies are allowed off the leash in certain areas before 11am, alternatively you can have a walk along the Dodder river just outside the park. This place is just great for dogs and their humans to unwind at the end of the day.

#3. Irish Museum of Modern art/Royal Hospital

The main entrance is on Military road in Kilmainham but also accessible via Kilmainham road just across the road from the Hilton hotel. The museum is open to the public Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 18.30, and on Sunday and Bank Holidays from 11.00-18.30. This place is frequently visited by local dog walkers as it provides a good opportunity for dogs to have a nice run or just sniff around the trees and bushes. Nicely uneven and big grassy terrain is divided into ‘Dog Exercise Area’, ‘Amber Area’ where dogs should be kept on a lead and a couple of dog-free areas such as the cemetery or the formal gardens of the Royal Hospital. This is a dog-friendly spot and dog waste bins are provided.

What I like about this place is that it’s not a typical ‘picnic destination’ so there is no reason to worry about your dog making friends with kids with sandwiches!


#4. Irish National War Memorial Gardens

This place will work for everyone living in Islandbridge, Kilmainham and surrounding areas. The gardens are dedicated to the memory of Irish soldiers who died during the Great War.  The rose garden located just in the middle is off-limits for dogs but there is plenty of space outside of it for a good walk. Great open grassy areas provide the opportunity for dogs to have a good run and for their owners to have a little chat. There is also a walk way along the Liffey river at the bottom of the park which is nice to walk along while observing the rowers practicing on the river.

#5. Grand Canal

Whether you live in Inchicore, Crumlin, Drimnagh or Portobello Grand Canal will always be a good option to walk along with your doggie. It was originally built for people and cargo traffic but after the railways were built its usage declined.  This a popular route among dog owners as many of them enjoy taking their dogs for walks along the canal. It is not unusual to spot a swan, duck or huge pike in the water so the walk can be great fun for both dogs and their owners.

We’d love to hear what dog walks you like to take your dog on in South Dublin? Let us know in the comments below.