Jethro – Armagh Nose Of Tralee 2023

Meet your Armagh celebrity – the 2023 Nose of Armagh, Jethro

Name: Jethro

County: Armagh

Age: Turned 2 in July

Breed: Great Dane

Special skill: Destroying rough and tough toys (that claim they have been tested on tigers!) in less than 10 minutes!

Favourite food: Jethro loves all food! But will be anyone’s friend for a chicken foot!

Favourite toy: His big orange Kong chew toy. It’s the only toy we have found that has lasted more than a day!

Favourite place to sleep: Lying up on the settee, especially with his family round him

Favourite activity: Going for walks and digging holes in the garden!

Favourite place to walk: Jethro loves walking round his village and meeting all his human admirers. But he also loves a run round the forest

Most mischievous thing you’ve ever done? Destroying VERY expensive plants that his daddy had ordered! Jethro found the parcel first after the postman left it in the garden and along with his Dane sister Elphaba, pulled them apart!

How did you come into your owner’s life? – We originally picked a beautiful female Dane from the litter and were busy preparing for her arrival. Shortly before Elphaba came home, the breeder contacted us, told us they had discovered the little boy in the litter was deaf and asked if we would also give him a loving home. How could we refuse??! It was the best decision! Both Jethro and Elphaba bring us so much joy and it is lovely watching the bond they both have with eachother. It was meant to be

What makes you the most pawtastic pet? Jethro is just full of love, a big gentle giant. He loves everything and everyone. He always wants to be by your side, or on top of you, giving hugs and kisses and making sure you feel his love. He makes us laugh every single day and if any of us are feeling down, his big squishy face just brightens our day

Why did you decide to enter the Nose of Tralee? Jethro is a very special boy who came into our lives when we were not expecting it. We wanted to share him and his beautiful, gentle soul with others and to let everyone know what a wonderful boy he is

How did you prepare and get votes? We shared Jethro’s story and journey with WhatsApp groups, local parish groups, Facebook and local media

What did you enjoy most? The excitement of entering, each result day and all the extra attention he started to get in our local community

What advice would you give the next Nose of your County? Just enjoy every minute. It’s a great honour to represent your County, have as much fun as you can!

How are you handling your new fame? Absolutely loving it! Still making the most of the attention he’s getting on walks etc, his many fans are still stopping with him 😂

If you could be any super hero I think as a Great Dane Jethro might choose to be Ant Man so he can experience life at the other extreme and fit into places he definitely doesn’t now!

Where can your fans follow you? We put regular updates for Jethro, Elphaba and their two other doggy sisters Bella and Jess, on our Facebook pages and our family dog walking page Serendipity Dogs NI